Login to AOL Mail – How to Create and Login AOL Mail Account

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Login to AOL Mail – How to Create and Login AOL Mail Account

 To every account you have created there is always a room to login which enable you access, manage and enjoy the features of the account to which you have generated.


So, log in to AOL Mail is a good way to connect and enjoy the features offered to you by AOL Mail. 

There is never a use for an account without login details Logging to your AOL account is extremely simple to carry out. Before you can do that, you must first create a new account that is if you don’t have one.

 Here on this post, you will get a guideline to create and login to your mail. So focus and grab the gist.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free web-based email service provided by AOL, a division of Verizon Communications an email services that is being utilize by individuals all over the globe.

It functions like every other email service, once the account has been generated you can login through the login page to access it.

You can still login and register with the use of the mobile app.

Downloading the app is totally free but your internet access should be on use any device type including iOS and Android devices.

AOL Mail App

If the application is downloaded you will get trending videos and news will be shown on your device the app is good for easy access.

With AOL Mail app you are provided with news, weather outcast or prediction, videos e.t.c

AOL mail app with the mobile version you can download with all sort of device not excluding iOS and Android.

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How to Download AOL Mail

With just simple activities on your phone you can download the app just from your play store. See how to get it done;

·  Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (it depends on the smartphone you’re using).

·  Use the search box and type in AOL Mail

·  From the search result that would be displayed, tap on the first one.

·  Tap on “Install” or “Get”.

Once the has been download, create new account and as also login via the AOL Mobile Application.

How to Create an AOL Mail Account

Use the simple guideline to create AOL Mail Account for free.

·  Open your browser and head to the login page.

·  Select the “Create account” option and fill in the personal information required.

·  Type in your first name and last name.

·  Choose a username (the Email address).

·  Create a password for the account and confirm it by re-typing it.

·  Provide your date of birth and indicate your gender.

·  Type in your Zipcode. With it, the service would know your location to provide updates based on your location.

·  Select a security question and provide the answer to it.

·  Select country code and input an active phone number.

·  Provide an alternative mail that would be used for recovering.

·  Enter the CAPTCHA that would be shown to verify.

·  Finally tap “Sign Up”.

An email would be sent to your device to use in verification of the account.

Login to AOL Mail

With Login to Aol Mail Account you can Manage your Emails online.

The process is quite simple and fast. Below is a step by step guide on to log in to your AOL mailbox;

·  Open your browser and go to http://www.login.aol.com/

·  Enter your AOL Email address and then hit on “Next”.

·  Type in your password on the next form that would pop up, then hit on “Sign In”.

After the process if the secret info are typed in appropriately, you would be redirected to your main homepage there you can see news headlines.

Get hold of your mailbox by hitting on the “Email” icon on the email homepage screen.

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