Lynda Platform – Learn Creative & Business Skills from Lynda Platform

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Lynda Platform – Learn Creative & Business Skills from Lynda Platform

Learn software, creative, and business skills from experts on Lynda platform today and achieve both your personal and professional goals.


You could learn how to perfectly run a business with Lynda online as it offers you video courses on business skills and creative this causes are taught by professionals i.e industry expert.

This is an America platform and it is very helpful to users. So, if you wish to be a web designer, software developer, business owner Lynda puts you on track by offering you the right courses to reach your goal.

Right on the website, you can find variety of interesting and educative videos that you can learn from.

These video include but not limited to Business Videos software development videos, Design videos, Web development videos.

Lynda Platform – How to Sign Up on Lynda

If you really want to know more and start a course on Lynda, then you should try signing up as that will give you an edge to access the platform to begin with.

Here  is how you can sign up below;

  • Visit, then at the top of the page click “sign up”. The next thing to do is to choose an option, monthly or annually. And what you choose there is a one-month free trial.
  • Once you are done with that, enter your email and also your password.
  • Afterwards, get to confirm your billing circle and also select your payment method
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the sign up and once you are done, you are now good to start the training congratulations.

Sign In on Lynda

Accessing your account can be done via two means. You can make use of your LinkedIn or your Lynda account to sign in.Then click sign in.

visit the site and elect LinkedIn or Lynda account, after that enter your username or email and your password and click sign in.

You will access your account on the Lynda platform if your login details are correct.

How Watch Videos on the Lynda Platform

Follow through the guideline below and learn how you can watch video on the platform. The first thing to do, is to visit Lynda website,

then you will select any category of video you want to watch, click it. If done, select the video and then click it.

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