MayBank Credit Card Activation – MayBank Credit Card – Review

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MayBank Credit Card Activation – Activate MayBank Credit Card – Review

MayBank Credit Card Activation – As a MayBank customer and have collected your credit card, there is need for its activation don’t worry in this post you will get to know how to successfully get that done.


Before we get to the topic of today, it is important to note that MayBank have a lot of offers which include cash back, rewards and lot more, note: customers according to need have different card.

Below is how to Activate MAYBANK CREDIT CARD. We are going to be looking at how to Activate MAY bank credit card via three means.

MAY Bank Credit Card Online Activation

You can do that May Bank Credit Card Online with these Steps:

  1. Visit the Bank official portal
  2. Login, go to Account and Banking
  3. Choose card category and select the card you want to activate and confirm the receipt of the card.
  4. An OTP will be send to your register number then type it to the site your account will be activated.

Once you encounter a server problem maybe finding it difficult to login you can use the other option.

Activate May Bank Credit Card via Phone

Follow this guide below:

  • Call the customer care number via 0379490708
  • Provide the necessary information they demand from you by the customer representative like your personal and card details.
  • Once you are done, you will receive a message on your phone that your card has been activated.

If there is any problem in activation after this process you may visit the nearest bank and lay your complain.

May Bank Credit Card Activation through SMS

If you have a linked number with maybank simply send the SMS: Send ACTV to 66628 a notification will be send to your registered number.

Briefly: Check For Activation:

Activation Via SMS
Type and send ACTV to 66628

Check for Activation Via Maybank2u Online
1. Login to Maybank2u
2. Choose‘Card Management tab
3. Choose the card to activate by clicking ‘Activate Now’

Activation via Phone Call
Call 03-7949 0708

How to Set For PIN:

Set pin via Maybank2u
Visit Maybank2u and login
Choose ‘Card Management tab
Finally, click the card to set PIN by clicking ‘Set PIN Now’

Set via Phone
Call 03-7949 0708

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