MILITARY STAR Credit Card Application – Military Star Card Review

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MILITARY STAR Credit Card Online Application – Military Star Card Review

Military star card is a card designed for the Armed Forces to aid them in the aspect of their financial need this is provided for those serving in the military.


the card allows its members to receive points which can be restored for a gift card, statement and more or decent rewards in the form of cashback.

As a result, a personal dividend is offered to the users of this card if you desire to apply for this card as a military,

 then this article is for you because it have all the information that you will be needing to get it done.

The MILITARY STAR Credit Card Attribute

  • The military card offers 10% discount off their first purchases it also comes with no annual fee.
  • No foreign transaction fee is required.
  • Users of this this card can get points at Armed and Air Forces Exchange Service food courts, mail vendors e.t.c
  • It also allows you to get 2 points for a dollar used in making qualified net purchases at exchange facilities and Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotel and online at, and
  •  This credit card is issued by the Exchange Credit Program (ECP). It is operated and funded by the Armed and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), a branch of the Defense Department. Also, the ECP operates the Military Star Card for the interest of the Air Force, Marines, Corps, Coast Guard, and Army.

Military Star Credit Card Application – Military Star Card Review

This credit card helps its customers with their financial needs either for regular

purchases or things that have to do with the military lifestyle like Retirement, deployment or PCS.

Users are being given a personal dividend with the Military Star Rewards program for shopping exchange.

The Military Star Card is not like other bank-issued cards that can be used anywhere, you can only use the Military Star Card at the following places:

  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service food courts.
  • Online at
  • Online at shopCGX. com
  • Armed and Air Force Exchange Service shopping facilities.
  • Online at myNavyExchange. com
  • Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotel.
  • This credit card gives an unsteady Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 12.49% on Retail Plan Purchases but this APR may change because it is based on the market Prime Rate.
    It comes with no purchase APR for the Military Clothing Plan purchases.

Eligibility for Card Application

The following individuals are qualified for this card:

  • People who wish to get rewards with no annual fee.
  • Regular users who make purchases using their military exchanges.

Not Eligible for Application

Applicants who cannot apply

  • Those who want to get miles or cashback instead of points.
  • Individuals looking for a more pliable way to restore their rewards.

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Military Star Card Application Guide

Where can I apply for a Military Star Card?

The STAR Card is accepted at on-base exchanges, commissaries, gas stations, uniform shops and mini marts. In addition to providing a line of credit there are many other benefits to the STAR card.

The Military STAR card application can be found by visiting the Exchange Credit Program website. Exchange Credit Program

To apply for the card, visit ECP’S WEBPAGE, click on apply now. It take you to a login page where you are to register and apply once that is done,

Military Star will check through your credit card  to see if you meet the approve standard.

Sign Up for the MILITARY STAR Card


You can apply for the card on the ECP website or in-store at a local base exchange.

If you apply online, you click the “Apply Now” button on the website, and you’ll be brought to a login page where you can register.

You’ll then be taken to a disclosure page which will include several required notices you need to read.

From there you can continue on to the application. You’ll be asked to provide general information,

including your Social Security number and your employment and income information.

Your qualification for the card will be subject to credit investigation and credit reports. Your income, employment, and other related information will be verified with third parties.

MILITARY STAR Card Advantage and Disadvantage

Like any product, the MILITARY STAR Card comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage :

  • The interest rate on the MILITARY STAR Card is lower than the rate on most popular credit cards.
  • The Rewards Program is the equivalent to 2% cash back on your purchases, which is very generous as an ongoing rewards program, even compared to major bank credit cards.
  • There’s a first day 10% discount for purchases.
  • No annual fee.
  • No late fees or over-limit fees.
  • The interest rate you’ll pay will not be affected by your credit score.
  • Interest rate reduction during deployment.
  • Ongoing discounts on purchases, gasoline, and at the food court, as well as promotional 0% interest offers.
  • The card can be used to help you build a good credit rating while you’re in the military, through regular, on-time payments.


  • The card will be terminated once you leave active duty military service.
  • Rewards points are accumulated at select locations and may not be earned on all purchases made.
  • As is the case with all credit cards, loans, and credit lines, late payments made on the MILITARY STAR Card will have a negative impact on your credit and credit score.
  • Approval isn’t automatic. Bad credit could result in your application being denied.

To apply for the card, visit ECP’S WEBPAGE, click on apply now. It take you to a login page where you are to register and apply once that is done,

Military Star will check through your credit card  to see if you meet the approve standard.

Exchange Credit Program also visit the site to login type in your user id and password.

Here, you can be denied if your credit card is bad one can also visit the local base exchange and apply in store in-store.

MILITARY STAR Credit Card Customer Service

To contact the Exchange Credit Program or contact via

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