Netflix Movies to Watch – Soothing TV Shows on Netflix You can Watch

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Netflix Movies to Watch – Soothing TV Shows on Netflix You can Watch

Looking for ways to relax and let the dealings of the day go is now more vital especially at this period of pandemic.

While a lot of individuals are focused on the part of practicing meditation for healthy living, others are working out stress and anxiety via exercise.

Some persons use movies to still pass away time as they you tag it entertainment and as comfort-watching alternative.

Here are the list of TV shows to help take your mind off stress and help you relax.

Download Netflix

The following guide below will can be used to download the app

Netflix App Download for Android

·  With your device visit Google Play Store.

·   Search for the Netflix app and click on it if displayed

·   Then click install to start downloading the app.

Netflix App Download for iOS

·  Open Appstore, and search for the Netflix app. and click it if displayed then you will take to the page you can install the app.

·   Hit on the installation button to start the download.

That’s how to get the app downloaded on your devices.

Netflix Movies to Watch

Netflix have classical shows on air. Here are some of the best soothing bedtime shows that are recently streaming on the Netflix platform online they are;

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The Twilight Zone (1954 – 1959)

This is a show centered on thought experiments. The whole show is all about what-ifs. What if tomorrow was the start of the apocalypse and stuffs like that.

You may find each episode creepy, but at the same really soothing. They can drive you to sleep almost immediately.

Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere (1984 – 1994)

Have you ever been to an art gallery before? Well, not necessarily a gallery, what I mean is that have you watched the live show or something.

Although it is beautiful, it can easily become very boring. And watching the videos of one of the best and most talented in the game bob Ross,

you will eventually doze off. It just might be that you may be dreaming of something very beautiful.

Soothing TV Shows on Netflix You can Watch

Slow TV: The Telemark Canal

This show is about the 105-kilometer long waterway connecting the very famous town of skein to Dalen in southern Norway.

This boat ride is 11 hours and 20 minutes long and it is considered as one of the best and most beautiful boat rides in the world.

And at the end of this very lengthy beautiful, quiet and boring video, sleep will not be afar off.

These are the top five soothing shows currently airing on the Netflix platform. There are others though and I will be making some honorable mentions. They are;

  • Ocean wonders.
  • The great British bake off: master class (2016 – present).
  • Baby animals in the wild (2015).
  • Planet earth 2 (2016).
  • Chefs table: France (2016).
  • Moving art (2017 – present).
  • Kim’s convenience (2017 – present).
  • The world’s most extraordinary homes (2017 – present).

Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen To Oslo (2009)

This show is a Norwegian television phenomenon. It is called slow TV. This show depicts things happening in real-time and it is a whopping 7-hour long train voyage through the Norwegian countryside.

And if you watch or stream this show you are sure to fall asleep fast. If you don’t fall asleep watching or streaming this show, then something is really wrong. You will have to pay a visit to a physician or an expert in the field.

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