Netspend Credit card – Activation of Netspend Credit card

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Netspend Credit card – Activation of Netspend card

If you are a Netspend user and your Netspend credit card has not been activated, do not worry for in this article you will get details on how you can activate it online.


Netspend credit card provides to it’s users many services which include:

  1. Quick money transfer
  2. Gift
  3. Bonus
  4. Cash bank offer

Activation of Netspend credit card

The activation of your Netspend credit card can be achieved using any option below that is suitable for you they include:

  1. Activation of Netspend card online
  2. Activation of Netspend Card through mobile phone call.

Activation of Netspend Card online:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Click on  ACTIVATE CARD
  3. Enter your card number which is located on the card and security code which is at the back of your card
  4. Click to continue.
  5. Click on card activation
  6. An OTP number will be send to your register mobile number, enter the OTP number carefully.

After this is done, a notification message will be send to your mobile number in order to show that your Netspend card has been activated.

If you do not get the first option on how to activate your Netspend credit card, no need to worry you can make do of the next option.

Activation of Netspend card through mobile phone call:

In order to activate your Netspend card through mobile phone call follow the steps below:

1. Dial 1-866-387-7383

2. Choose a suitable language you van understand, then continue by selecting the option ACTIVATION OF YOUR CREDIT CARD

3. Follow the instruction

4.  provide your card details, personal information and any other requirement needed from you by the instructor

After completing the instruction above and your card has not yet been activated, do not panic just visit the branch in which you collected the card from and make complain about it.

 Only use the official website for transaction. Do not give your credit card pin away reason is being that your credit card can be hacked.

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