OneDrive Cloud Storage – OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive Online Account

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OneDrive Cloud Storeage – OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive Online Account

In this post I am going to be taking you through on OneDrive Cloud. As a business owner, you might have heard of the term onedrive.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Lets simple put if you have eventually made use of Microsoft products, you then ought to have heard or be familiar with onedrive cloud.

If you are already familiar with it, it really not new to you then, regardless, we will still go into details on what you will need to know about it.

OneDrive Cloud

onedrive is a cloud-based product embedded in Microsoft for the benefit of users. The, cloud-based totally enable its users save and share their files.

This tool is a very handy device when you run a huge or small commercial enterprise.

It also was created for personal use the product provided by microsoft is used by a lot of individual internationally because of the benefits they drive from using the tool.

With onedrive cloud there are numerous activity considering its features. Let’s look at the Benefits of Using OneDrive.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

The OneDrive is Microsoft’s online storage service for hosting files provided in the cloud.

That is available for free Microsoft account holders. OneDrive provides users with an easy means to store, sync, and share your files.

Different Types Of OneDrive Cloud

When we talk about Onedrive, we are referring to that for business and personal use.

It is necessary we are aware that we don’t just refer to just one maybe for a specific reason.

Importantly, the One Drive cloud is made up of two types they include: OneDrive for business, Personal OneDrive.

OneDrive for business are plan made for business purpose this can be created as for your organization, school or team work.

Thus, you can use it for cooperation amongst work, team, friends, and or business associates.

Onedrive for Business will enable you share documents,  projects, and other files with colleagues you can also share and

collaborate with other colleagues online, making real-time enhancements and changes to files.

OneDrive Cloud Storage – OneDrive Cloud Plans; Family and Personal Plan

The drive is made up of different plans that you can subscribe to though, the basic use of this cloud service it is free.

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Family plan costs $99.99 per annul or $9.99 monthly for the subscrition made you will be given a free trial period of one month. This plan comes with 6TB in total, 1T per person for 6 persons.

Personal Plan

Personal plan costs $69.99 yearly or $6.99 per month and comes with 1TB storage capacity and it also comes with other office apps such as outlook, word, excel, and PowerPoint.

Other plans for the home plan for OneDrive include OneDrive 100 GB. It costs $1.99 monthly.

It has a storage capacity of 100GB. There is also the OneDrive basic which is a free plan. It comes with 5GB storage.

OneDrive Plans For Business

The OneDrive for business plan 1 costs $5.00 per user monthly. Note that this is an annual commitment.

This means that this is what you will have to pay for the duration of your subscription to the platform on a monthly basis.

OneDrive for business plan 2 cots $10.00 per user monthly. This is also an annual commitment.

Microsoft 365 business-standard plan costs $12.50 per user every month. This is also an annual commitment plan.

Microsoft OneDrive Account Sign Up

In order to setup the Microsoft OneDrive storage account use the following steps below to achieve that;

  • Visit OneDrive cloud sign up and click on the ‘no account? Create one’ tab.
  • Then enter email address or your mobile, and create a password and click on next.
  • After that, type in your name and click on next.
  • Enter your date of birth and click on next and follow the on-screen instructions for farther details.

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