Payoneer Card Activation – Easy Steps to Activate Payoneer Card

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Payoneer Card Activation  – Easy Steps to Activate Payoneer Card

If you want to activate Payoneer card and don’t know how to, this article is just for you.


Here, am going to walk you through the process of activating your Payoneer card with no stress. 

There are often necessary steps that is required for inviduals to own  a Payoneer card.

The first process is to apply once the application is successfully done, you then, need to activate it for proper use.

Most Payoneer account holders are not really aware that there is a thing like card activation once they have been successful in their application they think there is nothing left to do.

With that, their cards are dormant at the because the card have not been activated.

Requesting  For A Payoneer Card

Once you have a payoneer account, you are open to request for a card which will lead to its activation.

As you are in search of this post, you should have by now created an and once you have your account, the next will be requesting for a card.

If you have requested for a card, then, your request must be accepted before you can think of its activation.

If you do not know how to order or request for a card, I will be showing you how to do so in few steps below;

  • Log into your Payoneer account online.
  • Go to your settings menu by clicking on settings.
  • Select card management.
  • Click on order a card and follow the on-screen instructions from there on.

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It’s that easy. With the steps above, that’s how you apply for a Payoneer card.

Payoneer Card Fees

Once it comes to this, you should note that there are fees associated with having this card.

Learning how to make use this fees is vital before getting started. So it is important that you learn of these fees.

Here, there are no hidden fees with this on the platform follow the steps below to get hold to the fees on the platform;

  • Log in to your Payoneer account online.
  • Go to the help tab on your account page.
  • Select pricing and fees.

Once you have followed those steps above, will be taken to a page where you get to access all the fees associated with your Payoneer card.

For easy access go through this link  to view the general fees associated with your card.

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Activating Payoneer Card

Everything you do whether offline or online on your account the an activation which allows make effective use of the account.

Thus, once you have successfully applied for a Payoneer card, you aren’t done yet till it is activated.

There is a need to activate the card upon receiving it. Payoneer card activation is one of the simplest action but can be complex though.

But to successfully activate your Payoneer card I have provided some guideline below which will be the step you are going to take for a successful activation.

How To Activate Payoneer Card

Once your request is approved, you can then proceed to activate the card the steps below will guide you

  • Log in to your Payoneer account online at
  • Select settings from your account and then click on card management.
  • Locate the card you wish to activate from the card management page and click on activate. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your card.

That is all that you will need to do…

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