PayPal Business Account – Apply for PayPal Business Account Online

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PayPal Business Account – Apply for PayPal Business Account Online

This write up is about PayPal business account and how  to set it up. Before we go into details lets look at the meaning of paypal Business.


Paypal business is an account on paypal that is used basically for business. Thus, this account is properly designed and programmed to get to receive money visually from anywhere within the globe.

Why Should I Make use of a PayPal Business?

There are a lot of reasons why you should make use of Paypal Business account with Paypal Business; you are offered the following below:

  • With paypal, Seller’s protection is sure: you can be peace being assured that your sales are been protected against any unauthorized payments, and reversed transactions.
  • With the paypal business simple pricing feature, you are allowed to pay for fees only when you are paid. This feature also allows automatic deduction of commissions from your sales so your monthly bill is deducted directly.
  • You can accept credit, debit card and bank account payment at a low rate
  • operate with your company name
  • Manage Users, allowing you to give separate access rights to each of your employees

Paypal Business Account Registration Requirement

before you can be able to go through this this registration process. you will be needing the following….

Have your email address, your contact information, Business address and phone number, Bank name, Business or personal bank account number and Bank routing number

How to Apply For PayPal Business Account Online

  • Visit paypal.
  • Then, locate sign up for business account and click on it
  • Type in your email address in the field provided and your password that you will easily remember, click continue
  • Fill the online application form you see and create your application by entering information about yourself and the business.
  • Add your business information, business contacts, and your trust information if you have.
  • Finalize by reviewing and submitting your application.

Setting up a PayPal account is free but whenever you make sales you incur charges.

Not minding the payment type your customer uses PayPal will charge you a small percentage of the total as a processing fee.

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