PayPal Login Page – Complete Guide on Creating Paypal Account

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PayPal Login Page – Complete Guide on How to Setup Account Online

Today’s write up will be on paypal login, the login is about how you can access and manage your paypal all by yourself at the comfort of your home.

PayPal Login Page

With paypal account you can send and receive money online this article will give you answers to the questions bothering you on paypal login details.

Meaning of Paypal

PayPal is a certified medium of payment for millions of online stores and physical stores too.

It is an American service, meant for its users to receive and send money you can now convert your money down to your country’s currency.

It is used to send and make payments online. It is an online payment service provider that enables you to send, receive, and make payments through online.

To generate an account and having the card offers you the chance to access and carry out the online transactions without stress.

This online paying mode is a fast and secured way for you to send money and make payments online.

With it you can pay bills, purchase goods from online stores and make your payment using this account from PayPal.

It is free to sign up for your PayPal account. Get your account today, make a payment, send payments, and receive payments.

Basically, with the card you can decide to receive money using your PayPal account send money to friends and family who has the account .

Paypal Login

The ability to access and login your PayPal refers to paypal login which can only be made available to all that have an account with paypal.

That is to say, if you want to log in to PayPal, then you will need to have an account with it. Here, with the login process you can access and perform activities there.

How to Download Paypal App

With the app one make quick and easy payment without going through a browser. To get the app on your device,

  • On your phone go to app store on your device.
  • Type in PayPal app and click search at the search bar
  • Once you are there, simply click the Paypal app that has the send and receives money feature.
  • If you have clicked on it immediate you will be directed to a new page.
  • What you will do next is to click “GET” or “INSTALL”, and it will automatically begin to download on your device.

For you to get the app you must have registered using the webpage

How to Create a PayPal Account

It is very easy and simple to get a registered account on Paypal

  • Click  on “Sign Up for Free” or “Sign Up” for the home page
  • Then choose the type of account to open weather Personal account or business account.
  •  Then Click on “Continue”.
  • Next Supply your email address and tap on “Next”.
  • Also, type in your phone number and a password for the account, click on “Next”.
  • Then, you will be required to fill your name, city, state, postal/zip code, date of birth, phone number.
  • Furthermore, click on the box tagged as the agreement terms and privacy policy.
  • Click on “Agree and Create Account”.
  • On the next page, link a payment method to your PayPal account. To do this, click on “Link a Card”.
  • Enter the details of your debit/credit card number and other required details if needed.
  • Once you are through, you have to confirm the process to get started.

PayPal Account Activation Process

  • It is important to activate an account to make proper use. Visit the mail send to your email by paypal to confirm your account.
  • On the mail sent to you by PayPal, click “Yes, this is my email”. Your paypal account will be activated

Paypal Login Page

For you to login your account use the guideline below:

  • Visit login page at
  • On the PayPal home page, click on Log In.
  • Enter your email address or phone number. Click on Next.
  • Enter your password and log In.

How to Send Money through PayPal

By generating paypal account, you can now send money using the guide below

  • On the homepage, login to your paypal account click “Send Payments”.
  • Enter  receivers email address or phone number you want to send money to
  • Provide the nature of the payment you want to make.
  • Next click “Continue” and go through your transaction.
  • If you are through, click on “Send Money”.

Having gone through the write-up you can now set up your account on paypal without stress. you can visit the Paypal Login Page at

Hope this helpful, thanks for reading…

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