Pinterest Ads Manager – Advertising on Pinterest, Promote videos on Pinterest

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Pinterest Ads Manager – Advertising on Pinterest, Promote videos on Pinterest Pinterest ads are excellent way of showcasing products and content to create awareness before Pinterest Ads Manager people as they search, browse and discover your product and services on Pinterest  platform. The platform is an amazing one that basically focuses on socializing and exhibition whether products and or content. It offers ads on a pay per click basis that is when you run Pinterest ads you will not get debited unless someone clicks the link. Are you a retailer, blogger, wholesaler, tradesman etc. and want to get more buyers and sales on a daily basis? Pinterest ads are great for getting your products and content in front of more people as they search, browse and discover on Pinterest. In the Pinterest Ads Manager, you can create, edit and manage your Pinterest campaigns. Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions for setting up campaigns in Ads Manager.

How to Create a Pinterest Account

This account can be created using Facebook account or Gmail account, the following steps are required:
  • Locate the internet browser on your device and launch it.
  • On the search bar type in pinterest.comand click on go or search depending on your browser.
  • If you want to use facebook click on continue with facebook and follow the next recommended steps to set up your account for use.
  • After that fill in your Gmail login details and wait for some seconds.
  • After loading your brand new Pinterest account should be ready.
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After creating an account, next is to upgrade it to a business account, you would find the option right under your profile, but when is not available on the profile, you will have to look for i on website before you can upgrade after you’ve upgraded follow these steps

Pinterest ads manager

You can create an ad on pinterest that will aid you get to your targeted audience at ease, by creating pinterest ad you will get to advertise, create aware of your product. With the pinterest ad manager, you can promote product making use of the advertising tool.

Creating Ads on Pinterest

The following guidelines are needed to set up Ads on Pinterest
  • Hit the “+” button and select create ads from the new menu.
  • Choose or create a campaign, and select the goals that best suits your business.
  • Fill in your Ad group information.
  • Select where you want to target.
  • Choose a pin from your board to promote.
  • Set up your billing information.

Pinterest ads manager Video

Using your  Pinterest business account, you can decide promote videos to help people discover your brand or drive actions on your website. Video ads are available in both standard width and max width formats. Standard video is the same size as regular Pins, while max width spans two columns on mobile. Video ads play when they come into view in a person’s home feed. Viewers can tap on the video to watch it in a larger view, replay it, or watch it with audio. Video ads are available for brand awareness, video views, traffic, and conversions campaign objectives. If you promote a video with traffic or conversions as your campaign objective, tapping on the video will load your destination site. You can create a video ad the same way you promote any other Pin in Ads Manager. When selecting your ads, click  then select  “Video” or “Max video” to see all of your video Pins available for video ads. You can also click  to create a video Pin. Source; Was this Helpful?

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