Priority of a nation in 21st century employment or entrepreneurship

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Priority of a nation in 21st century employment or entrepreneurship…

Priority: entails something you think is more important than other things and should be dealt with first. It is true without doubt that before this 21st century, plans was made on how to create more jobs for the increasing masses to  eradicate unemployment but that priority is yet to be achieved.Priority of a nation in 21st century employment or entrepreneurship

Am concerned about the progress and prestige of my country to start with pertaining the Level of unemployment and undeveloped entrepreneur skills. I think that as a citizen creating awareness will go a long way to help.

Education and Employment: you cannot talk about employment without involving education. Reason been that in this our era,without any education, employment will be difficult. Poverty Is the order of the day in different nations especially in my nation. It is the by product of unemployment,

insufficient employment and irregular employment. This implies that we have the shortage of skilled manpower and the problem of unemployment. From research carried out,I discovered that the level of unemployment is high, not only to individuals but also to the economy.

Priority of a nation in 21st century employment or entrepreneurship

The cause is simple, our present educational system does not make undergraduate’s skilled enough to indulge in self employed job.

This implies that instead of theoretical knowledge alone, undergraduates should also concentrate on vocational skills.

Nigeria has potentials but fulfilling these potentials depends on harnessing the country’s human capital. In order to achieve the priority it is important that every nation provide individual with academic learning and enough skill.

I think that improving our Agricultural sector will help a lot.citizens should be educated on the importance of agriculture. They should be made to understand that agriculture offers a readily employment.

Priority of a nation in 21st century employment or entrepreneurship

Research proved that agriculture has contributed to the GDP growth of this country in a consistent manner.Investments in agricultural sector by the masses will not only guarantee food security and save the foreign exchange revenue require for imports of food but also create job for the unemployed. I want to conclude by saying that when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable.

This is to say that, since the nation’s priority for employment Is yet to be achieved,I think the best option is for the masses to  venture and explore  agricultural sector. The government can also make this easy by providing loans with lower interest and grants,subsidiary etc creating awareness through social medias will Also help.

Venturing in agricultural sector will not only help this nation but all the nations of the world to achieve its priority in terms of employment.


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