Protecting the Voiceless – Human Right All you Need to Know

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Protecting the Voiceless – Human Right … In our country at large, people are dieing every second, minute, hour and day because they have no one to intercede on their behalf. It is a known fact that the country has been held hostage in shackles and coffin of corruption and it’s adverse effect is on the countrymen and women.Protecting the Voiceless - Human Right

Due to the alarming rate of corruption, people are no longer judged based on the wrong done but are judged Based on their wealth.

Most of the people are kept behind bar because of injustice, bribery and corruption, people are maligned, abused,injured,beaten,insulted on daily bases because of their lack of power,

they are voiceless and don’t have any defender. If you are so heartless and wicked can you at least remember children dumped in the motherless baby’s home,girls raped and trafficked, girls forced into early marriage, people killed because they are standing on what they think is right.

Protecting the Voiceless – Human Right

Our country is turning into what I don’t know,they don’t speak for the abandoned girls, they don’t seek peoples justice and right ,they don’t give honor to whom honor is due,they always honor those will always add salts to injuries in our country, it is high time for the voiceless to be protected, it is high time choas is put an end in this country, it is high time for everyone to have equal rights to be judged based on the crime committed and not based on the amount of wealth in his possession.

Below are the steps to follow in protecting the voiceless

  • Equal rights should be given to all citizens
  • People should be judged and punished based on the crime committed
  • People should be heard before passing on judgment
  • The voiceless and homeless should be sheltered and taken care of in the case of those girls forced into early marriage, proper awareness should be created on the evils and dangers of early marriage
  • Act of injustice should be controlled.

We will be ending this write up using the story below.

Emeka a gynecologist in st James hospital Aba met his heart rob Eliza on his way home after the day’s work. Eliza happened to be one of those patient’s who frequented the hospital on monthly bases to check the  functionality of her body system, after the normal introduction, they exchanged contact before parting ways.

After six months of their courtship Emeka decided to walk down the isle with Eliza two months after their wedding, Eliza who was alone at home because of her I’ll health was shocked to see Eme her ex in her husband’s house.

Eme what the hell are you doing here? Are you not aware that am a married woman?  When you are done with your ranting, you tell me replied Eme. Today is your pay day,after abandoning me in the campus, do you think I have been happy? Thank goodness that ,that useless husband of yours is not around. My husband is not and cannot be useless retorted Eliza.

So you still have the guts to defend him in my very own presence, let’s look forward to the winner of today’s event.He dragged Eliza who had been unwell since morning down to their matrimonial bed and was pulling her cloth,Eliza who didn’t have any atom of strength in her try every thing humanly possible to runaway from the grip of Eme but it was not possible, she thought that it was her end,all of a sudden Emeka came out from no where and gave Eme the beatings of his life.

when he realized himself, he found out that Eme was already dead. Eme is the only son of the president of Nigeria. Emeka and his wife were about running away when two policemen appeared on the scene and took him to the station.              guilty or not guilty? Emeka pleaded guilty for killing Emeka and went ahead to tell them that he was only protecting his wife but all his explanations and pleadings was like pouring water on top of a big stone.

They concluded to behead Emeka which they carried out leaving his wife and unborn child widow and fatherless. Our country is so corrupt that when an offence or crime is being committed, those that suppose to look into the matter will not look into it effectively before before passing out their judgment.

The government, citizens, workers should help in speaking for the voiceless, I think by so doing, corruption will be curtailed, the oppressed will be defended, the voiceless will have a say on their life as pertaining to the constitution, the world at large Will be a fair place for all.

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