Roles of Mothers in The Family and Society – See Details

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Roles of Mothers in The Family and Society – See Details…. A new born baby obviously know the meaning of a mother, but my write up will not be complete if I do not explain the concept “MOTHER” a mother is a female parent of a child.Roles of Mothers in The Family - All you Need to Know

In this write up, we will be looking at  the Roles of Mothers in The Family and Society types of mothers… Just read through you can as well contribute after reading using the comment box below..

Mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relations to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring. Thus dependent on the context, women can be considered mothers by virtue of having given birth, by raising child(ren), by supplying their ovums or some combination therefore.
Such conditions provide a way of delineating the concept of motherhood or state of being a mother. Women who meet the third and first categories usually fall under the terms birth or biological mother, regardless of whether the individual in question goes on to parent the child.
Accordingly, a woman who Meets only the second condition may be considered adoptive mother, those who meet only the, third are regarded as surrogate mothers.

Roles of Mothers in The Family and Society – See Details

Roles of mothers in families and societies can not be overemphasized. They are affectionate,bring warmth, care,wash,cook, clean for their families.she advises her husband and intervene for her children. She is also protective. When I was a kid.
I got dad angry and he threatened to punish me miserably but with mum’s intervention, the situation was arrested. If you cannot remember anything good done to you by your mother, remember she bore you that was 7pound in her womb for 9months, and squeeze you out from 2cm hole.
It is enough reason to love, respect and acknowledge the great sacrifice she made for you.I have discovered several types of mother but will list and explain two.

Roles of Mothers in The Family – Types of Mother

Bad/absentee mother:
this type of is concerned about how to satisfy her children’s every need. She don’t care to know her children’s companies, her daughters first menstrual flow she doesn’t know,she cannot correct her children for doing any wrong,she encourages her daughters into prostitution, her sons to go into arm robbery and her husband to snatch people’s properties away from them.I want to use a short story and conclude this type of mother.
Take a look at this, Joy is the only child of her mum, she was pampered to the point that she cannot do any house chores. As a result, her mum always work her self to stupor to ensure that joy have a better life.
She sent her to the best school and no teacher is permitted to touch her other wise you land yourself to prison, she was never corrected no matter the gravity of her offence. After her sixth year in secondary school,she graduated and got admission to study medicine at unilag.
Thus, in her 200 level she met mercy who introduced her to Caleb (drug pusher in Saudi Arabia), he took her to Saudi Arabia and arranged for her plastic surgery which was done 3 days after her arrival, Not only that,she went into prostitution, after 6 months, she came back to Nigeria, her mum didn’t border to ask why the color of her skin changed rather she praised her for bringing so many  things back home  from school and her beauty.
3 weeks later, she fell sick and was carried from one hospital to another, but doctors couldn’t diagnosed anything as the cause of the sickness, at the dieing minute, the last doctor diagnosed her of having strange illness which the cure is unknown.
She died with the regret that her  mum never corrected or showed her the right path. Are you among the mothers that cannot  correct your child(ren) because you felt that if you do,he or she will die?the Bible said spoil the rod and spear the child.
Are you the type that felt that your child(ren) are too small to be exposed to sex education? go and have a rethink.
The Best Mothers
this a perfect woman,that loves her children and husband, that will never relent in correcting her children, that would always spear the child and spoil the rod,that would always encourage her children to do better, she is always at her beck and call to advise her children about life, she is submissive to her husband and above all her children are the best in the family and society at large. The question is, what type of mother are you?
Do you see yourself in mother 1or….. it is high time you changed your nonchalant mentality to that of mother 2 because it is said that charity begins at home. If you are able to change your children mentality, I bet you, this society will be a better place to be.
Thanks for Reading…

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