Screenshot Android Phone – How to Fix Android Screenshot Problem

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Screenshot Android Phone – How to Fix Android Screenshot Problem

Screenshot Android  – If the screenshot for android is not functional on your device, something might have gone wrong is either you receive an error message lick can’t take a shot due to security policy or problem on your storage space and other related issues.


Problem That could Affect Screenshot Not Working

Let’s take for instance if you received your phone from your work place it may have some constraint like not disallowing screenshots.

Chrome incognito Mode can be another problem which may also prevent screenshot. It could also be that there is a mechanical issue like issues on your button.

Screenshot Android Phone – Guideline to Enable Screenshots on Android

If you received you’re your device from any other person other than yourself, asking them is likely to help you recover from it and they might proffer solution. If they aren’t aware of it that means it was set to be that way.

But if you in anyway have installed work related app yourself, this method will help you uninstall it.

Go to setting, then to app and notification, see the apps, Select and uninstall. Using android 8 and 7, go to setting-App-select and uninstall

Here, you will need to disable chrome Incognito Mode in order to take screen shot

  • Tap the tabs icon at the right corner of chrome that will be a number representing the amount of tabs you have opened.
  • Then, tap X located in the right corner of  each tab to close them
  • Again, make open a new tab in a normal mode that will help you take your screen shots

You can also try another method for taking a screenshot which the main methods are making use of the swipe function and Google assistance.

Meanwhile, the standard key combination is pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

Guideline to Enable Screenshots on Android

Nevertheless, depending on your device model, it might be that you press the Home and Power buttons at the same time (Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices use this method).

When you have a Samsung galaxy tool, you could use a hand gesture to capture a screenshot. to permit this feature, visit settings > advanced features. Scroll all the way down to palm swipe to capture, and permit this setting.

As soon as you have the features enabled, hold your right hand immediately out as though you’re going to shake someone’s hand.

Then, place the out of doors of your hand directly up and down on the proper aspect of the screen, then slide it over to the left aspect (you could additionally use your left to scroll properly.

To use Google assistant to capture a screenshot, start with the image you need to seize up to your display screen.  Say Ok, Google, take a screenshot.”

Then the Google Assistance will reply, “Ok, Touch to continue.” it will display a smaller version of the screen picture, and options for sending it for instance text, email, social media, photograph garage will pop up.

Screenshot Android Phone – Guideline to Enable Screenshots on Android

Select out the method you want to use for sending the photograph.

• For you to address messages like, “couldn’t store screenshot. Storage can be in use,” or, “can’t take screenshot because of restrained storage space,” attempt rebooting your device. To do that, actually power it down as you usually could, then flip it to return on.

If that technique doesn’t work, you can clear your cache. In android nine and 8, it’s a bit trickier than in android seven.

1.         using the play store, install the file through Google app, and open it.

2.         Beneath the screen tap browse.

3.         On the next display screen tap apps.

4.         At the right hand corner tap the three-dot icon, and select out all.

5.         Then, tap the three dots again and click delete junk files.

In android 7, you won’t want files by Google. You can use these as a substitute, visit settings > device Maintenance > Storage > clean now. This action frees up storage space by deleting useless data, inclusive of residual facts and marketable documents similarly to cached data.

  • As an ultimate option, you could strive for a factory reset to your telephone.

       Note: As you are about to take this step, it is important to know that all your data will erase. Ensure back up your document images and the rest.

     The process for a factory reset differs depending on device. If all mentioned did not work, make search within your settings for “factory reset.”

 In android nine, visit settings > system > advanced > reset alternatives. tap erase all data, then faucet reset cell phone. You will be requested to verify your security settings. Then tap erase the entirety.

In android 8 or 7, visit settings > general management >reset > factory data reset. Comply with on-display commands to finish the process.

If one of these recommendations has helped you get your screenshot function operating again that will be fine. But if not, it is probably time to take your device to a expert for extra aid.

Hope this was Helpful, Thanks for your time…

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