Screenshot on Facebook –who Gets Notifications when you Screenshot on Fb

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Screenshot on Facebook –who Gets Notifications when Screenshot is on Fb

Facebook as social media platforms has made it easy for communication to take place.


FB app with numerous numbers of users serves as a channel of communication among individuals.

With Facebook you are provided with an opportunity interact and as well connect, share media and even ideas with friends and loved ones.

Having known that a lot of individuals feel that there is a problem with the site in maintaining the privacy social users.

Here, most things are still kept on private so we don’t have to feel that Facebook will make a public or private notification when some screenshots are made whether on pictures or posts.

It might interest you to note that facebook does not notify anyone when you make a screenshot of their profile picture online.

Facebook has a robust built-in Share alternative which you can use if you aren’t okay taking screenshots.

All you have to do is tap on the share button and send it over to your friend who is already on Facebook.

Unlike some platform, Facebook does not support this feature of notification on screenshots but you will receive a notification from your phone’s OS that screenshot has been made by you.

With Facebook Messenger notifications are not send when you make screenshots.

You are only alerted about the screenshots on your phone during a chat with friends or anyone.

Hence, it is better and safer to retrieve or restrict your pictures online i.e if you do not want anyone to screenshot or have a view of it because you won’t be notified when either of this takes place.

Moreover if you want to share pictures with your friends without taking screenshots, there are other alternatives.

Facebook App – Alternative for Facebook Screenshot

Facebook app offers an ideal on board Share option that can enable you share pictures without making screenshots.

You can use any of this three to get it done.

  • Make open the photo, tap the three-dot menu on it.
  • Tap on the Share Button and send it to your Facebook friend.
  • Tap the Share External button to share on Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and so on.

Guideline on how to Screenshot on Facebook

If you are making use of Samsung Galaxy device

Here is how to take a screenshot:

  • Firstly, hold and press the power and home buttons
  • Release if you see the screen flash
  • The screenshot will be stored in your phone’s Gallery.

See how to do so on most Android devices, minus Samsung Galaxy devices

To take a screenshot:

  • First of all, press and hold the power and volume down buttons. On some phones you’ll need to press and hold the volume down and home buttons instead.
  • Secondly, release once you hear the shutter noise or see the screen flash.
  • And finally, screenshot will be stored in your phone’s Gallery.

How to sreenshot on Mac

To take a screenshot:

  • To begin with, hold the keys at the same time Shift and 4.
  • Then click, hold and drag your cursor to highlight the area of the screen you want to capture.
  • After which, you will release your cursor to take the picture. It should appear on your desktop as a file named “Screen Shot” with the date and time.

Screenshot On an iPhone or iPad

To take a screenshot:

  • You will have to press and hold the power and home buttons,
  • Release once you hear the shutter noise or see the screen flash,
  • After, the screenshot will be stored in your phone’s Camera Roll.

Having read the above post and understood that notification is not sent to anyone when screenshot is made, you can go ahead and take your

screenshot using the guideline on how to take screenshot on facebook with your device above.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time…

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