See why you feel so weak from bed

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Feeling tired has become majorly our normal tea cup since it occure even when we had enough sleep at night.Some individual say that it is stress of which it is also part of what that causes it.

So lets check what causes it:
You feel tired in the morning while trying to wake because you didn’t sleep well at night; you might wake up 5 times or 3 times in a night thinking that you have slept well but not knowing that this has affected your sleep.

You could also feel tired when your feel tired while trying to get up from bed when you are feeling too cold.

Another thing which will cause you not wake up early on bed is when you watch too much tv series; not knowing that the light rays affects the eye and which the optical nerve transmit the impulse to the brain.

You can also feel tired when you wake due to the type of food you eat at night i suggest that you eat light food while going to bed so that it will not take enough process for the body to analyze.

Also have the habit to take your bath before going to bed, because water helps to strethen the Muscles and keep your body relaxed and sleepy; then you can have a healthy sleep
Another issues is; this is majorly in african ensure that you are not affected by plasmoduim the pathogen that anophelus mosquitoes transmit when the pierce our skin.

This mosquito bites result to so many symptoms, majorly tiredness. If you have malaria you will find it difficult to wake up early or strongly.

So ensure you keep your body safe by putting on mosquito net on bed, closing your door and windows before evening time meeting the chemist when infected for proper treatment or self medications.

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