Set your default search Engine Google Query url – Google Search Engine

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Set your default search engine google query url – Google Search Engine

It is pretty easy and fast to have the default search engine changed. In this article, you will explore

Set your default search Engine Google Query url

how you can get it changed and make google search engine your default in android, Edge or Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

For you to get results from Google any time you search, make Google your default search engine.

What does google search engine entails? This is a software program that searches for items on databases.

Whatever that is been searched for searched for in the databases has to correspond to the particular keyword that was inputted by the user when searching for a sites in the World Wide Web.

Google Search Engine

The search engine is known to be the best and must popular web search engine on the internet, the feature processes over 5 billion search queries on daily basis.

The Google search engine platform is a platform designed or developed by Goggle also known as Google web search but you can simply refer to it as google.

The Function of Google Search Engine

Whenever a term is searched for, Google has already figured out the results that will be displayed to you,  as the Google search engine tool provides results.

The information provided by Google is being organized in search indexes consisting of more than one details when a search is made, the tool immediatly matches your search with millions of webpages.

The platform helps you find what you are looking for without stress, even in seconds. Search results are presented in various formats such as images, videos, maps with directions, and even stories.

Google Search – Set your default search engine google query url

Here is how to fill Out Text Fields to Add a Search Engine in Chrome

The Search engine field should be the label or name for the search engine.

The Keyword field should be the text shortcut you want to use for the search engine. You can enter the keyword in your address bar to quickly use the search engine.

The URL with %s in place of query field should include the web address for the search engine’s results page, and use %s where the query would go.

To find and edit the web address of the results page: Visit search engine you want to add and do a search.Then copy and paste the web address of the search results page into the URL field.

The address for the search results page is different from the website address. for instance, if you search for “soccer,” the Google search results URL is

After that, replace the search term in the URL with %s.For example, if you were using the Google search results URL, your search engine address would be

How to Set Google as Your Default Search Engine

To make Google your default search engine, follow the steps below.

Google Chrome


  Open the Google Chrome web browser on your desktop device.

  Click on the More tab and option at the top right corner of your chrome web browser page.

  Click on settings.

  On the settings page, under search engine, select Google.


  Open Google Chrome on your mobile device.

  Tap More at the top right corner of the Google chrome page.

  Tap on Settings on the next page.

  Under the basics tab, tap on the search engine tab.

  Lastly tap on Google.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge 79 And Up

  Open the Microsoft Edge browser.

  Click on settings and more at the top right corner.

  Click on settings from the more menu tab.

  Next, click on privacy and services from the left column. Click on the menu icon if you do not find the privacy and services.

  Scroll down the bottom of the page and click on the address bar.

  From the drop-down menu, select Google.

Set your default search Engine Google Query url – Google Search Engine

Microsoft Edge 44 And Lower

  Open Microsoft Edge.

  Click on settings and more at the top right.

  Click on settings.

  Next, click on view advanced settings in the advanced settings section.

  Next click on change under the ‘search in address bar with’ tab.

  Click on Google search and then set as default.

Internet Explorer 11

  Open the internet explorer in your device.

  Click on the gear icon at the top right corner.

  Next, click on manage add-ons.

  Click on find more toolbars and extensions, at the bottom of the page.

  On the next page, scroll down to the Google search extension.

  Next, click on add. Click on add again to confirm.

  Click on the gear icon at the top right corner.

  Next, click on manage add-ons.

  Under the ‘add on types’, on the left column, click on search providers.

  Click on the Google search option on the top right.

  Click on the set as default tab, at the bottom of the page.

Internet Explorer 10

  Open the internet explorer.

  Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the page.

  Click on manage add-ons.

  From the left side of the page, click on search providers.

  Next, click on the find more providers in the bottom left corner.

  Click on the Google option.

  Select the ‘add to internet explorer’ tab.

  Next, you will have to check the box that is next to ‘make this my default search provider’.

  Next, click on add.


  Open Firefox.

  In the search bar, click on the search icon.

  Next, click on change search settings.

  Under the default search engine tab, select Google.


  Open Safari on your device.

  Click on the search bar on the safari page.

  Click on the search bar icon or the magnifying glass icon in the left corner of the search bar.

  Lastly, select Google.

Android Browser

  From your android device, open your browser app.

  Tap on the menu button on your mobile device.

  Tap on settings.

  Next tap on advanced and then on set search engine.

  Lastly tap on Google.

the guided steps above will help you to make google your default search Engine.

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