Shopify Free Website Template – How to Setup Shopify Store

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Shopify Free Website Template, How to Setup Shopify Store

Shopify is an e-commerce website that let you create, build, grow and as well manage your business online aside that, it also enable you create awareness for your product.


Shopify is a platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business sell in different places and almost from anywhere to your customers, you can sell

your product using web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

Here, you will know how you can set up your shopify store and also some shopify free template you can use.

Shopify Template is a set of HTML webpages that can be used by to set own content and also use images to create a website there are different template to choose when starting out.

To start with shopify the first thing to do is to start by building your account, then upload your products, product description, quantity of the products, e.t.c

After that, you will choose the marketing channels you want to market your product and the places where you want your products to be listed.

Shopify Sign Up

The guideline below will help you create an account with shopify so that you can access the free template all you will do is to visit

  • And then, click on ‘Get Started’ on the platform’s homepage.
  • Fill the form displayed with right information like Email address, password, and the Store name.
  • After that,  click on ‘Create your store’.
  • You will be directed to a new page, fill the ‘Tell us a little about yourself’ form correctly, then click on ‘Next’ or click on ‘Skip’ to skip the form. The form is Optional.

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  • On the next page you are directed to, fill the form ‘Add address so you can get paid’ with the right information. Then click on the ‘Enter your store’ tab on the bottom.

How to Login on Shopify

If you all set to have a Shopify store, follow the guided steps below to log you in store; visit

Click on login on the homepage, fill in your store name and then click on next enter password on the next page and click Log in.

Shopify Free Website Template

This are the list of shopify free template that you can get started with and they include;

Pop, Boundless, Annabelle, Snowdevil, Fashe, Star, Supply Theme, Narrative, Minimal, Debut, Jumpstart, Apparelix, Coffeera, Boundless.

These are some the free Shopify templates you can see on the site.

Shopify Free Template- Guide to Edit a Free Template

here is how you can edit free shopify template, Launch your Shopify.

Navigate to ‘Online store, customize the theme, click on Edit HTML/CSS then choose the file and click on it.

Edit the file and save it and then upload the file from your device. That’s it

How to Set up your Shopify Store

the following guideline below will help you set up your shopify store

  • Log in to your store.
  • Add your products.
  • Customize your designs.
  • Set your domain name.
  • Activate your payments.

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