Shopify Payoneer – Link Payoneer Account to Paypal, Shopify Store

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Shopify Payoneer – Guide to Link Payoneer Account to Paypal, Shopify Store

If you have a Shopify store, and you are searching for a way to withdraw cash with ease by linking your Shopify store to your Payoneer account.


Do you even want to know how to link your Shopify account to your Payoneer account?

This article will guide you achieve that because Shopify Payoneer is a major focus of my article today and is one of the most sought after contents on the web.

Are you aware that Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms world-wide is Shopify payoneer. This article will give you the possible details needed. 

Shopify Payoneer

Can you Imagine buying goods online and then taking days in processing your payment?

That will be very disappointing and not a good vibe for business and you will see no need purchasing from the same seller again.

One of the best way to increase sales online is by payoneer which on the other hand is a platform known for it’s monetary transactions done world-wide without finishing difficulty.

This platform is beneficial because it makes work easy for you. Now the question which everyone has been asking is this.

Can I link my Shopify account to Payoneer? Continue reading to know how.

Linking Shopify Account

Do you think is possible to link Shopify account to Payoneer? The answer to this is no there is no posilsibility  and you cannot link your Shopify account to Payoneer. 

Because There is no recorded direct withdrawal option on Shopify to your Payoneer account.

thus, there are other payment withdrawal options that can help you link to your Shopify account that you can now link to your Payoneer account.

To do this,you needs to be able to deposit funds through Payoneer global payment service using payment withdrawal method. 

This can be done by a platform called PayPal. PayPal works like the Payoneer platform.

These involves you getting a PayPal account, linking your Payoneer card to the stripe account and then linking your PayPal account to your Shopify store.

Connecting your PayPal Account To Payoneer Account

In order To link both of these accounts, you must have an account with both platforms or you need to create one if you don’t have any.

Visit and to create a Payoneer and PayPal account. 

visit your Payoneer account dashboard and under the global payment service To link both accounts.

Setting Up PayPal On Your Shopify Store

On a normal, when you set up your Shopify store, a PayPal express checkout account will be created for you with the email address with which your store was set with.

But if you already have an email account on PayPal, you will start receiving payments from orders on the Shopify platform immediately.  This is easier and faster.

you will need a PayPal business account or upgrade your account from a personal account to a business account inorder to use the Shopify store.

The following steps should be taken in setting up a Shopify store:

·  Log in to your Shopify store account.

·  Then, to your Shopify admin page.

·  Go to settings and then payment providers.

·  said click on deactivate. Click ‘deactivate again’ to confirm.Under the PayPal section

·   select the type of your PayPal account, In the PayPal section

·  Activate should be done by clicking on activate.

·  email address is needed for your PayPal account, and then click on ‘next’.·   password should be entered for your PayPal account, then log in.

·  permission should be given to PayPal permission page.

·  Click on go back to Shopify on the PayPal confirmation page.

How to Sign in to Payoneer Account

You can easily log in to your Payoneer Account by entering your login details,

that was made use of during the process of registration, your Username (Email) and Password.

1. Go to

2. Enter the Username, which is your Password

3. Now insert your password 4. After ensuring that the Username and Password are accurate, click on Sign in

with all that, if you have have successfully achieved what you wanted, by setting up your paypal account to shopify, then linked your paypal and payoneer account.

Thanks for your time.

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