Sign In Outlook Account– How to Create Outlook Account,

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Sign In Outlook Account– How to Create Outlook Account, Outlook App

The outlook seen as Microsoft consisting platform for webmail, calendaring, contact, and also task services.

Microsoft outlook renders services that makes your email organized, connected, and productive.

The Outlook is just like the Gmail platform which can be used for sending messages and other documents to other users they can be your friends or family.

As a user, you are free to send, receive, and manage your email. You can also schedule appointments, meetings, or manage events. is an email providing platform,it is a platform for personal data management to help manage your information.

There is a search feature for you to locate messages, people, or your documents. It comes with protection delivered tools whereby Microsoft uses business customers.

Guide to Sign Up for Outlook Account

Follow the steps below, to register for an account.

  • When you get to the homepage, click the “Create Free Account” to start up the registration process.
  • Enter an email and then, click Next to create your password and then next again.
  • Now, enter your first and last name. On the other page enter your date of birth and your mobile number.

You have to complete the process for your account to be fully active before you can use it to access the platform.

Sign In Outlook Account

You can log in and manage your account on the platform using the the instructions below.

Visit the official website and then click the login button on the homepage and type in your email address along with your password on the other page.

Once you are through, click the next button under the box and you are back to the platform with your account. Outlook also has a mobile application for mobile phone users.

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Outlook App for Mobile Users

Outlook app is the support of mobile users, those who are with smartphones. For them to access the platform without going through the web site process.

There is no big difference with the web version and the app, so you really do need to think that the web version is better than the mobile app version.

The outlook app does all that the web version does, the only thing is that the mobile is not in full screen like the one of the web.

Outlook App Download

To download the app, go to app store. Go to your app store, search for “Outlook” with the search tool.

The result will appear on the result page, click on the app and tap on download and wait for the process to start.

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