Skype Bots – What are Skype bots, Sign Up for Skype Online 

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 Skype Bots – What are Skype bots, Sign Up for Skype Online 

Skype Bots is an ideal bots that can be used in your Skype account it help you out with chats and also help you perform other activities on Skype messenger app.

Skype Bots

They are seen as artificially intelligent programs which enable  you chat and also carry out  useful tasks on the platform on the skype platform.

Things you can do using the bots include; fun chat, search for news, play games, summarize webs, translate words and lots more tasks.

Skype Bots – The Different Types of Bots

This are the various kind of  Skype Bots they consist of game bots, business bots, music bots, news bots, fun bot, the tools can help you carry out task.

Skype Bots include: the News, Murphy, Stico, Mica, Florence, Trivia master, Bob, Metagon, YouTube search, Bing Music and meme, summerize and

more you can use them at ease and also add them from any device like Skype web, Skype for Windows, Android, iOS, or other Skype platforms.

Summarize can help you sum up an entire web page in a few moments depending on the number of words.

You can get the latest news and journals by just sending the web URL to this Bot and the results will be provided within a few seconds.

Skyscanner: This Bot is used to find a flight or book a trip to anywhere within some moments. Most times, we find it difficult to get a hotel during our travels.

The Skyscanner Bot has been synchronized with the Skyscanner official website which is the largest search engine for travelers.

All you need to do is to enter the destination city in this search bot and you will get your flight or hotel results.

Bing News: Bing news allows you to get the latest news gotten from the Bing News repository. Just write down the keyword of the news you want to read on and get all the latest news on your screen.

Meme: In this modern chat word, memes are provided to express our facial expressions during messaging. This bot enables you to get a different list of memes from the internet to use during your chats.

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Countries to which Bot Are Availability

Bots are available only to few countries. Specific bot availability is determined by the bot developer.

Some of these countries include; Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Latin America, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United States, and the United Kingdom.

Sign Up for Skype

To sign up for Skype you will have to:

  • Search for the URL on your web browser. Or open the Skype app on your mobile device.
  • Then you fill in your phone number or email and click or tap on Next.
  • Create a strong password to help secure your account.
  • Fill in your first and last name.
  • Enter a code sent to your mail or number and click or tap on Next.
  • Verify you are human through the verification process.
  • Then you will be signed in to Skype.

How Do I Find Bots For Skype?

If you are wondering how you can find bots on Skype then you just need the procedure below:

  • From Chats, tap on the New Chat button.
  • Then use the Search field to find the bot of your choice by filling in the Bot name.

Guideline to Add Bot On Skype

To add bots on Skype you will have to:

  • Open the Skype web or the Mobile app.
  • Go to the Contact page.
  • Select the Floating action button on the contact page.
  • A pink bot button will appear.
  • You will be shown the Bot directory UI.
  • Then select and add the bots you are interested in.

Making Use of Skype Bots on Android Device

  • Using your device, update the latest version of Skype app through the Play Store
  • Once done, open the Skype app and go to Contacts page.
  • Then select the floating action button on contacts page tap on the pink bots button
  • The Bot directory UI will be displayed from there, you can add the bots you are interested in.

Building of Bots can be done by Developers they can join Skype developer program via for more details visit

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