Skype for Business Login Online – Join Skype for Business Meeting, Skype For Android

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Skype for Business Login Online – Join Skype for Business Meeting

Skype for Business aids you reach with your team members and or client regardless their location via Mac, android, windows, iOS it help get together members into meetings of all kind.


With the use of Office 365 homepage, you can download and install skype for business. Below is how to download skype for business. 

with skype for business login, you can have access to manage your skype account online,

Skype for Business Download

To get this done, follow steps:

  • Then click the setting icon located at the right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the Office 365 link beneath My app settings.
  • Then, click the Skype for Business link on the left-side column:
    • Choose your preferred language
    • And also choose the version that matches your Office programs
    • Then click Install to download Skype for Business
    • Select Run to start the download
    • Click Yes to confirm
  • Then, once Skype for Business is bundled with your Office 365 programs:
    • Choose your preferred language
    • Select the version that matches your Office programs
    • Click Install to download Skype for Business
    • Select Run to start the download
    • Then, click Yes to confirm
  • Finally, once the installation is complete, close the installer box and launch Skype for Business.

Skype for Business Mac

Skype for business app on mac makes it easy for users to connect with colleagues and team members around the universe with Skype for business.

You can, begin instant message conversations and voice or video calls, Schedule and join meetings, know when your contacts are available online.

Skype for Business Download Mac

To install and download skype for business on mac from the 365 portal use

  • Use to sign in
  • Beneath the Software, select Skype for Business.
  • Once that is done, on Mac page, click Install. Skype for Business will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Click Downloads > Open Finder on your Doc
  • Then, select SkypeForBusinessInstaller.pkg.
  • Then use the prompts in the Skype for Business Installer. Here, you are done with the installation you can now sign in Skype for Mac.

Skype for Business Login Online

Skype for Business Login Online – The use of Skype for Business on Mac or Windows offers you a good deal for online meeting with the latest happenings via video feature audio attribute which is made for easy use.

Note: To freely, make use of Skype for business account, you will need a Lync account or Skype account with a user name and password for your school or work.

Login Skype for Business on your PC

To sign in on your PC use the following guideline below:

  • Firstly, click the Sign In button.
  • Secondly, enter your password.
  • Then, locate the Save my password box to autosave your sign in info, or leave the box unchecked if you don’t want to save it.
  • Finally, click the Sign In button again to complete the sign in.

Skype for Business Log out Online

  • To sign out, click the arrow next to the Show Menu icon  .
  • Then choose File.
  • Finally  Sign Out.

Skype for Business App

the get the app on your smartphone, visit google play and install the app

How to Join a Skype for Business meeting with Skype Meetings Web App

This is what you should do to join a Skype for Business Meeting with web app.

  • On your mail or calender open the request to join the meeting, then choose Join Skype Meeting.
  • Then follow your browser onscreen command for installing Skype Meetings App. For instance, in Internet Explorer, choose Run when you see the alert at the bottom of the browser window.
  • Finally, on the Skype Meetings App sign-in page, type your name, and choose Join.

With the information above, you can now get to make use of skype for business at ease and at your comfort zone regardless the location. But, ensure before doing that, that your internet is on…

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