SocialPilot – Promoting Your Content on Social Media with SocialPilot

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SocialPilot–Promoting Your Content on Social Media with SocialPilot

If you want to promote your content to all social media with just a click, then, you will have to read through this post to get the gist.


Question, is it really possible to promote your content to all social media network with just one click and at a time? and here is my answer, CAPITAL “YES’’

Posting your blog’s brand new content on social networks is a brilliant way to get more readers.

fb, twitter, linkedin, are wonderful mechanism for blog promotion, especially if you have too many followers.

 It lets your content to be shared within your network, giving your blog the publicity and traffic you are truly desire.

Making posting as a schedule on daily basis on those networks may be a

tedious and tiring and most especially, time consuming, and you cannot often all the time in the world to achieve on daily basis.

Some persons may see to always login and submit a post to social networks

each other hour as a quality wastes of time but to other it might be what they love the most.

If you fall in that category of seeing as a time waster, then this post is for you…

But, if is what you drive joy in doing you can as well go through as you will get a fast and better way to do that at ease.

It is important to let you know you have gotten a help meet on that aspect. SocialPilot is automated posting apps that can

help you set up your social network accounts and allow you to schedule posts in advance.

SocialPilot can be accessed from any browser it is available as a web app, chrome extension. It lets you connect your social media account.

You can utilize their free plan to connect with five social media profile or connect more profile by upgrading to pro accounts.

SocialPilot Product Info

With socialpilot, scheduling post is made easy, all your major social media accounts can be manage and you can enhance your social media efficiency with its other special features.

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and marketing tool for small businesses and digital agencies it is marketing and scheduling mechanism

designed for consumers to enhance brand awareness and generate traffic to your profiles.

Schedule your posts to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, is Mind Blowing with Socialpilot tool.

This below is how this device can easily set your fb, twitter and linkedin posts on autopilot.

SocialPilot Dashboard

Here is how to make use of the socialpilot dashboard for promoting your content 

  • Once you have logged in to your SocialPilot account, firstly you will be required to connect your social profiles. To do this, click on “Connect Account” on the left panel under Social Accounts. You can also can add unlimited profiles for Twitter, Google plus, Facebook and so…
  • If your profile is connected, next is to set a schedule for your posts. Essential Note that the default time zone is for the US, click on the “Edit” button and select your desired time zone on the next page to change the time zone.

Setting A Schedule

  • Go back to setting a schedule, by clicking Manage Accounts on the left pane. Click on “Edit” for that account. Now you’re ready to add a schedule for your social profile.
  • Beneath  “Select Time, you can be specific on the a time to add to the posting schedule. You can then choose which days of the week you want the schedule to be running. Once done, click on the button that says “Add Time”. You may do this for other social profiles you may have connected.

Whenever you create a post for each social profile, the schedule will now take effect, schedules are set separately for each social account, but you can

set the same exact one for all of them if you want your content posted at the same time.

How to Add Post

  • To start adding posts into your schedule, click on “Create Post” on the left pane there, you can start composing your post and adding links.

Note; if you do not like adding links and typing text to create a post manually, you can install SocialPilot’s  Chrome extension after you have

done that, you can click on the SocialPilot icon to share the page you’re currently on.

If you are done with a post, you have three options from the drop-down menu there are;

Add to Queue, Share Now and Share Next. Add to Queue will add that post to the schedule queue,

can use share now if you want to want to share the content right away, just click on Share Now.

SocialPilot content discovery  

SocialPilot can also be used to discover interesting stories to share on your network.

Here, it always makes you have something interesting to share on your social media channel.

SocialPilot Contact Details (Webpage)


SocialPilot tool is an excellent way to build an online presence on social media platforms as a online business owner, you can easily set up and

utilize as it offer you with the opportunity to connect on some social media networks that is really vital in content and business promotion.

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