The Rising Africa – Pinnacle of Africa Tomorrow – Details

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The Rising Africa – Pinnacle of Africa Tomorrow… The question is, who said Africa will never rise?
In today’s world many people have this irregular notion about Africa, all they see is the falling of the woods in the forest of ignorance.The Rising Africa - Pinnacle of Africa Tomorrow

We never believed our decadence can get to this unrecognised view, decades ago, there were peaceful placing of resources and thriving in business was never a night mare

Thus, we all saw how people like  Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe of Nigeria, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Marcus Garvey, cetshwayo kampande ( Zulu king)  sir seresse kama of Botswana and Nelson Mandela of South Africa etc…

Fought valiantly to ensure peaceful co-existence both in their locality to Africa in general, their resilience was a remarkable one…

The Rising Africa – Pinnacle of Africa Tomorrow 

Africa is a blessed continent, but judging from the realists view we are backward and incapacitated, viewing from the angle of elevation of our economic growth and development…

considering our insincerity towards aptness of our gregarious prowess. Reluctancy has taken over our sense of development and this has caused trauma to our living memory, even to the generation to come, because of the impression that Africa is black and other continents are white…

Forgetting the words of Martin Luther King Jr, don’t judge a person by his/her  color but by the contents of their character.

Africans  are like seeds, they trample on us with their foots, they even buried us thinking we are dead, they never knew our death is the resurrection of the new bigger, better, greater fruits, of Africa,  just like the Jewish prophet (Jesus) who was buried but arosed from death the third day…

Africa can be great again if only we can look into our collectivity rather than individuality, sincerely speaking
No continent in the world can out stand Africa, judging from our natural resources, morality and religiousness…

The Rising Africa – Pinnacle of Africa Tomorrow – The Development of Africa 

I am not here to contradict the view of the realists, but to submit to us that our development is in the totality of our selflessness to the growth and expansion of Africa

We are rising, since there are men like prof. Lumumba of Kenya, Lumumba have once encouraged African leaders to rise up to the challenge of changing the fortunes of the continent.

Dr Tony elumelu , Adebayo ogunlesi and Philp emegwareh of Nigeria Nationality, just to mention but a few, it means that, the dream we had was never a nightmare, it is now becoming greeny, like the palm fronds.

Never had it been heard that change is impossible, there is a sense to which Africa can be great again, we need hygiene in our educational systems, hygiene in all the government institutions, hygiene in our religious beliefs  and hygiene in our relationship between people…

It is  high time we stop blaming the past, almost all the countries in Africa are without one language, in Nigeria there are about 250 languages, the same with Ghana and other countries in Africa.

The Rising Africa – Pinnacle of Africa Tomorrow

But this is never an excuse because in our diversity lies our strength, in our diversity lies great potential, if all of us can agree to accept this,  and if all that is expected is done in Africa’s development,  am sure California in USA in terms of their development will be the same with a local government in Africa.

Britain and our colonial masters knew this, that was why they tried to enslave us, but they never knew enslaving us helped us know what they knew,

As a result, people like olaudah Equaino could buy his freedom in those ungodly era,  why are we, the younger generation still relenting and enjoying the glory of others,

in Africa we patronize their clothes, their foods, their petroleum products, their equipments, and their technology. something naturally we are the brain behind them…

Africa can be great again! The leaders can make things right, if an African can be one of the executive in  Donald Trump’s initiative AMERICA NEEDS YOU (ANY) then our impacts is no longer left in the offshore of river Niger in Nigeria neither is it limited to Accra in Ghana, nor da Salem in Tanzania…

Africa is rising, it may not be immediately but it must happen…
Believe in Africa
Patronize Africa,
be involved in Africa, and
build Africa.

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