Todoist Download – How to Download Todoist – Importance of Todoist

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Todoist Download – How to Download Todoist – Importance of Todoist

Looking for a way to help manage your To-do List with an app, here, comes TODOIST it serves as a task organizer for personal efficiency it is used by so many to plan and team up on projects.

Todoist Download

You still don’t get it right” How does Todoist function? Lets say it serves as a mental helper.

To me, its just like a secretary it helps get your task out your head and then arrange them into your To-do list.

The location you’re doesn’t matter as you can have access to the application easily.

Wondering how? Read on to find out more about the app and how to use it. It can assist you virtually from everywhere.

How Todoist Works

Using todoist app is essential for your daily functions as it serves as a reminder set reminders, comments & file upload.

It is rated as one that is helpful because it helps over millions of users. It aids to planning and collaborate on projects both small and big.

Todoist App

With the use of the app, a lot and more can be carried out which includes:

  • Todoist helps user capture and organize tasks immediatly it enters your head
  • It also helps you keep in mind deadlines with reminders and due dates.
  • It aids you to ollaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.
  • Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.
  • Integrate your tools like Gmail, Google Calendars, Slack, Amazon Alexa, etc.
  • Track your progress with personalized productivity trends.

Todoist Download – How to Download Todoist from Google Pay Store

You might want to download todoist from Google play store or Apple App Store following the steps seen below.

  • Visit your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Make use of  the search and type in Todoist.
  • If it pops out, download and Tap on “Install”.

That is all for downloading a todoist with your device

How to Create a Todoist Account

For the app to help you carry out task as said earlier, you will need to have an account signed up for easy accessibility.

  • To get started, visit the app or through your browser
  • Tap on “Sign Up”.
  • Use the following to Sign up with Google Account or fill in your name, email, and password on the text fields provided.
  • Once you are through, then, agree to the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” of the service.
  • Tap on “Create My Account”

How to Login Todoist

  • Tap on “Login” on the
  • Log in with Google or Facebook or type in your email and password.
  • Tap on “Log in”.

The account would be logged into the device if the details are right. You can continue from where you stopped on the account.

It is available on any device type. The application will quickly become easy for getting job and life organized.

Todoist Download – Todoist Tempate – How to Create a Template on Todoist

Follow the guide to create a new todoist template

  • Open Todoist and then tap on the + icon beside the project button,
  • Name the project tap on “Add Project”.
  • Open the new project on the main window.
  • Then add tasks and subtasks.
  • Continuing adding tasks and subtasks until the project task is complete.
  • Then export the new project as a Template. Which involves two ways; CSV File or Shareable File.
  • Select the project and then hit on the ellipsis on the right side of the name.
  • Select the option “Export as a Template” from the drop-down that would be displayed.

After that, you have created a todoist template.

Todoist vs. Trello Features

The two are created for task as a management apps, and they tick many of the majors even more advanced features which are:

file uploads, reminders, sharing of task lists, task comments, filters/search, task labels (colors for Trello),

list templates, reminders, activity logs of list changes, keyboard shortcuts, task change notifications, SMS/email reminders and the ability to email tasks to your lists.

There are similar features but at least you can see that many of the expected features are available in both Todoist and Trello.

There are a few diverse features between them too. we will begin with features that Todoist has and Trello does not as it is our area of focus.

It has location-based reminders, subtasks (proper subtasks, not an in-card checklist), basic intrinsic reporting Trello has external options available for this, and smart date recognition.

The smart date recognition means that if you type “Official Meetings on Tuesday”, Todoist will notice “Tuesday”, and set a reminder on that day as suppose for you.

Trello has the edge on Todoist with third-party support in the form of “Power-ups”, which can really increase its functionality.

Todoist Premium

Todoist  premium subscription, aid you manage and organize your tasks and projects, as well enhance your productivity.

It furthermore, set reminders, comments & file uploads, labels and filters, Your subscription payments would be charged depending on the device make use of.

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