Toothache – Home Remedy to Solve Toothache – See Details

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Toothache – Home Remedy to Solve Toothache – See Details

Toothache has become our common problem, if you are a victim there is a need to confirm what is really the problem and when it started and how serious the pain is, then you will know how to solve it.


This piece of write up will be based on the essential measure that should be take in order to prevent the toothache at the comfort of your home.  Below are the quick remedy to toothache issue.

Before that I would like you to stay with me through the end of this post this will help you get the necessary information needed to solve that persisting issue at your home.

Home Remedy to Solve Toothache – Quick Guide

Note that anything from a popcorn hull stuck in your gum to a broken tooth can arise to toothache which some may occur from temporary gum irritation once you try these quick ready below and the ache still persist do not hesitate to visit a dental professional for proper treatment.


Taking of salty water:

Taking of salt solution can help cure tooth ache it is one of the natural measures which is common to us rinsing your mouth with salt can also remove tooth particles stocked in your teeth and also help to cure oral wound.

Diluted hydrogen peroxide:

Rinsing your with diluted hydrogen peroxide can help reduce pain and  inflamation, bleeding gums, and plague. Remember to make sure that the hydrogen peroxide is diluted with enough water before rinsing.

Use of Guava leaves:

Guava leaves have a natural property that can help to cure wounds. They also have antimicrobial that help in oral cure.

Wheat grass: wheat grass also have the property of solving inflammation and and also help to cure oral wound, it can also help to cure internal wound if taken internally.

The use of clove:

The use of clove has become a natural measure of curing tooth ache and reducing of numb pain.

To apply, take a tip into a clove oil on a cotton ball and apply on the affected area.; you may want to use water or olive oil to dilute the clove oil.

The use of Garlic:

Garlic is one of the medicinal substance that has been used for so many years not only for the treatment of dental issues but also for the distruction of harmful bacterial.

Garlic can also help to relief pain. How to apply: grind the Garlic after removing the shell and paste it into the affected area or you can also chew it.

Cold compress:

cold compress is one of the natural measures that help to reduce pain and also reduce the swelling in the affected area.

How to apply this method: rap some ice in a towel and press hold for a while at the affected area.

Finally and as stated earlier I will urge you to seek the help of a dentist seeing the dentist will go a long way to solving your problem, after his experience and test.


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