Turkiye Scholarship – 2020 Scholarship Application Guide

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Turkiye Scholarship – 2020 Scholarship Application Guide

The Turkiye 2020 scholarship is on going for interested applicants visit and applies for the Turkiye Scholarship 2020. See benefits and eligibility for application


Türkiye Scholarships is a program that offers not only financial support but also ensures university placement for students in their intended program of application. With this feature, it differs from other scholarship programs in the world.

Apart from university education, it is aimed to provide students with the benefits of social, cultural and academic extra- curricular programs and activities while they are in Turkey.

  • Place of Study – Overseas
  • Study Level – Degree,Master,PhD

Requirement for 2020 Turkiye Scholarship

The following requirement are required from applicant to be able to apply

  • Be 21 years of age for undergraduate degree
  • Candidates applying for masters should be 30 years of age for master’s degree 
  • 35 years of age for doctoral degree

Candidates have to meet the criteria of the university and department which they choose. If it is requested by the university or department, candidates must submit the necessary documents such as the scores of SAT, TOEFL, DELF, YDS, etc. Applications of candidates who do not submit the required documents will not be evaluated.

Educational Criteria

Candidates should posses a minimum academic achievement for:

  1. Bachelor’s degree applicants: 70%
  2. Master’s and Doctorate degree applicants: 75%
  3. Health Science (Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry) applicants: 90%

Required Documents

All candidates must submit the following documents during online application:

  1. A valid National Identification Document OR a valid Passport
  2. A recent Photo of the candidate (Please note that the photo you upload into the Application system must be a proper portrait of yourself, candidate photos which are not identifiable will undermine the evaluation of your application)
  3. National exam scores (required for candidates who do not possess any international qualification or certification)
  • Diploma or temporary certificate of Graduation
  • Academic transcripts (online screenshots and uncertified transcripts will undermine the evaluation of your application)
  • International exam scores (GRE, GMAT, DELF, YDS, YÖS …etc. if required by the chosen university & program)
  • Language test scores (if required by the chosen university & program)
  • A research proposal and an example of your written work (for PhD applicants only)


Türkiye Scholarships students can stay in public university dormitories without paying any fees. Students who do not wish to stay in these dormitories can opt for other housing options on their own expenses.

How to apply for Turkiye Scholarship 2020

Application can only be made on-line via this website. Click on the green button to view application page. 

Contact Info

For more information, please contact:


Phone: +0850 455 0 982
Email: info@turkiyeburslari.org

For More Information visit

Application Deadline – 20th February 2020

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