Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts -Twitter Login, How to Make Use of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

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Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts -Twitter Login, How to Make Use of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts is an exceptional feature of twitter as a social media network platform,

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

twitter has over millions of users that visit and make use of the site on daily bases to be up date and as well get the most recent news.

It remains an excellent platform in which user visit to get information about the  thing like sports activities, entertainment, meals, games and so many more.

The social network is likewise used as a method of chatting with their friends and loved once.

get news get to meet their celebrities.For people who are yet to open an account, can visit this web page and register for a personal account on twitter.

Tweeting on twitter isn’t a difficult task, though we will focus on twitter keyboard shortcuts able to come in reachable while tweeting on the internet.

users are counseled to observe those steps given cautiously in an effort to understand the twitter keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts


  • / to go to the search box
  • J to move to the next tweet
  • Shift + space to move up a page
  • . to bring up the next set of tweets and take you to the top of the page
  • Space to move down a page.
  • N to compose a new tweet
  • F to favorite tweet
  • T to re-tweet a tweet
  • K to move to the previous tweet
  • Space to move down a page
  • Shift + Space to move up a page
  • M to send a direct message
  • U to mute a user
  • Escape to exit the compose window
  • R to reply to a tweet
  • B to block a user
  • L to close all open tweets
  • Ctrl + enter to send a tweet.
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Keyword Shortcuts

Below are the Keys that demands the combinations of two buttons in succession

  • G then P for profile
  • G then A for activity
  • Hold G then R for mentions
  • G then N for Notification
  • G then L for lists
  • Hold G then M for messages
  • G then H for home
  • G then S for settings

The alphabet G stands for go that means if you are combining G and S it implies you are going to setting, then, G then L for List.

How to Download The App for Android

Make use of the following guide below to download your twitter app

  • Visit your device app store. For android devices, you can find the google play store while for iOS devices; you can find the apple app store.
  • Tap on the search bar of the app store and enter your search term as “Twitter”.
  • Once the results of the search pops out, tap on the official twitter app.
  • Then on the app download page tap on the “Install” button.

The app will be successfully installed on your device once all is rightly done.

Twitter Login

if you want to sign in your twitter account follow the guided steps below to get that done easily.

  • Open your twitter app or better still, access the web version through
  • On the display screen is where you can enter your login details on the space provided, type in your account login details it.
  • After all click login

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