Twitter Media Library – How to Upload Media to your Library, Twitter Login

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Twitter Media Library – How to Upload Media to your Library

Twitter media studio is a feature on twitter platform, made available for users to help manage, analyze and monetize your videos on Twitter Platform.

Twitter Media Library

The tool remains a perfect guide that will enable individual get the most from Twitter that you can only benefit from this if you have a twitter account.

This particular tool can assist you regardless of your profession whether you are into entertainment, news, sports or creators.

All that can be achieved with the aid of Twitter media studio there, you can;

Manage: you can make use of videos, pictures, live streams, GIFs through twitter media studio platform.

There is also room to manage organization twitter content even if you own different account.

In the process of managing, you can upload, publish and also organize content all through the different accounts.

The Twitter media library makes provision for you to upload, share, and organize your videos, images, GIFs.

Metadata Field; With the metadata fields, people can discover and follow on twitter with no stress.

Measure; through the measures, you can also track the performance of all our content in a place.

Monetizing;Once you monetize this you will be driving revenue with in-stream video sponsorship and Ads.

For you to enjoy all this and more from twitter let’s go through the sign in process for the beginners.

But if you have a twitter account, just read through to see how to Upload Media to your Library, manage the already shared media through the studio, share media e.t.c

How to Create Twitter Account using the Website

Here is how you can sign up for a twitter account through a web page

  • Once you choose to sign up with an email address, you will need to verify your email address by sending you an email with instructions.
  • If you choose to sign up with a phone number, there will be a need to verify the number and SMS will be sent to with a code. You may also request a voice call to verify your phone number. Enter the verification code in the box provided.
  • Once you sign up for an account, you can select a username. The username is used to identify you. If the username have chosen is available, twitter will let you know. customize settings for your new account.

How to Sign in to your Twitter Account

  • Open any web browser on your internet connected device
  • Type in the url device
  • the next page that load is the signup and login page
  • Enter your login detail on it required space and click on Login, to log you into your account

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How to Access Twitter Media Studio

Locating twitter media studio won’t waste your time at all, since you are already logged in using the above login method,

and since the media studio cant’ be accessed without you having an account, create one for free with the above guild.

  • Visit and sign in with username or email and password. Skip this process if signed in.
  • Then click on the More Option located on the left side panel. A drop down sow up.
  • Lastly, select Media Studio from the list located between Analytics and Settings and privacy options.

 If you do not want to go through that process, use this link for easy access.

Steps on how to Upload Media to your Library

Here, is how you can upload media to your library before you can upload a media file to your library it is important you login in.

Once you have logged in, click on this link

  • Click on the upload button which at the top right of the page
  • Select the media on your computer
  • Once it has been selected, your upload will start instantly

Steps to share media from your library to another Twitter username

  • Click on a media within your Media Studio library.
  • Click the Sharing tab.
  • Start typing in the username of the person with which you would like to share the media.
  • Click on the correct username that displays in the drop down.
  • If you need to remove shared access, click the delete icon next to the associated username.

Managing Already Shared Media via Media Studio

  • Click on the drop down next to the Library header under the navigation bar.
  • Click on Shared Media.
  • Manage and create Tweets via shared media within this view.

Essential note; all tweets created via this method will include attribution to the original owner of the video i.e the username that originally shared the video.

Steps to More people to your Media Studio

  • Click the drop down next to your name in the top-right corner.
  • Click edit access to account.
  • Click the Add access button.
  • Type the username of the person receiving the access, and select it from the suggested list that appears.
  • Select a permission-level from the list: Studio account administrator, Studio contributor, Studio publisher, Studio analyst. Studio uploader.
  • Click Save Changes.

How to log out of Twitter for Android Device

The simple guideline below will aid you logout using your android phone:

  • Once you have logged in twitter, in the top menu, you will see a navigation menu icon  or your profile icon once seen, tap on the icon.
  • After that, tap on the Settings and privacy.
  • Then tap Account, and then tap Log out then, Tap OK to logout from your device.

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