University” Scholarship Every “Sims 2

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University” Scholarship EverySims 2

Handle your teen Sims in Sims 2 University by sending them to college.

The possibility of qualifying for the scholarship is dependent on good grades or a high skill level.

 Scholarship Every Sims 2
Know that Sims can’t take their scholarship money with them after college.

Once your Sim declares a major, to apply for a scholarship is as simple as using the phone or computer. Choose College to apply.

A list of the scholarships the Sim is eligible for will be announced.

Scholarship Every Sims 2

Here are list of every possible scholarship in Sims 2 University:

  • Will Wright Genius Grant: 8 or higher logic skill, 750 awarded
  • Bui Engineering Award: 8 or higher mechanical skill, 750 awarded
  • Phelps-Wilsonoff Billiards Prize: 8 Pool skill, 1,000 awarded
  • Tsang Footwork Award: 8 Dancing skill, 1,000 awarded
  • Orphaned Sims Assistance Fund: Sim has no living parents, 1,500 awarded
  • Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship: 8 or higher charisma skill, 750 awarded
  • Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics: 8 or higher cleaning skill, 750 awarded
  • London Culinary Arts Scholarship: 8 or higher cooking skill, 750 awarded
  • Quigley Visual Arts Grant: 8 or higher creative skill, 750 awarded
  • SimCity Scholar’s Grant: A- or better in high school, 1,000 awarded
  • Hogan Award for Athletics: 8 or higher body skill, 750 awarded
  • Extraterrestrial Reparation Grant: Abducted by aliens, 1,500 awarded
  • Young Entrepreneurs Award: Level 3 in Teen career, 750 awarded
  • Undead Educational Scholarship: Teen Zombie, 1,500 awarded

Academic grants can also be earn by Sims while in collage based on their GPA (grades) for each semester.

  • A+ = 1,200 awarded
  • A = 1,100 awarded
  • A- = 1,000 awarded
  • B+ = 800 awarded
  • B = 700 awarded
  • B- = 600 awarded
  • C+ = 500 awarded
  • C = 400 awarded
  • C- = 300 awarded
  • D+ and Below = 0

The scholarships and grants are great but you might need even more money depending on your lifestyle decisions.

Alternative way to earn college money in Sims 2: University is to get a job as a barista, tutor, cafeteria worker, bartender, or personal trainer
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