Visa Application-Entry Requirement for Italy Visa 

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Visa Application-Entry Requirement for Italy Visa 

Prior to accessing Italy as a country, you should know how to go about the Italy Visa Application in Nigeria, and to do this, you will require a substantial Nigerian immigration passport, and furthermore fulfill other significant visa prerequisites.

Visa Application

Contained in this article, are the Italy visa application in Nigeria.

Italy Visa Application Category

The Italy visas are categorized into two there are the short and long terms

Short-Term Visa includes the following: Study Visa, Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Medical Treatment Visa, Sport Competition Visa, Religious Purpose Visa, Government Delegation Visa, and Conference Visa.

The Long Term Visa

These are some of the long term visa: work (Independent) Visa, European Union Citizens’ Family Members’ Visas, Family Reunion Visas (Foreign citizen with a foreign citizen), Employment Visa, and Re-entry Visa.

Requirement for Italy Visa Application

The following below are the visa application requirement for Italy travels;

  1. Application form well filled
  2. Nigerian Valid passport with at least two free pages, and 6 months validity
  3. 2 clear colored passport-size photos
  4. Proof of payment of visa application fee
  5. Travel health insurance

Order Related Document for the Italy Visa

Hotel accommodation- for tourist visa applicants, An invitation letter from a sponsor in Italy – For family visa applicants, And any other documents supporting the purpose of the planned visit, Proof of financial capacity.

Applicants below 18 years of Age should provide the necessary documents

  • A copy of the birth certificate issued by the National Population Commission
  • A letter from the applicant’s school stating clearly the class attended and permission of absence.
  • Written consent from parents in the form of a sworn Affidavit issued by a High Court including the parent’s identity photograph and a copy of his/her passport.

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People from other nationals need to give a few documents when they present their Italy visa application. A ton of the expected records rely upon the reason for travel.

For instance, in the event that you apply for a business visa you might require at least one or two document than if you were applying for a vacationer visa.

The prerequisites may likewise differ from one country to another, and Italian authority maintains whatever authority is needed to request any extra document whenever they want.

In any case, there are as yet standard arrangements of records everybody must have.

The requirements for an Italy visa are as follows:

  • Italian visa application form.
  • Valid passport/travel document.
  • Civil status documents.
  • Copies of previous visas.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Proof of travel.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means.
  • Cover letter.
  • Documents based on employment status.
  • Visa fees.
  • Any additional documents for minors.
  • Any additional documents based on the purpose of entry.

Italy Visa How to Apply

You can submit your application at the VFS center for an Italian visa in Lagos with the relevant documents.

Irrespective of the duration of your stay in Italy, you must sign and submit a Declaration of the submission of accurate as well as full info, along with your visa application form.

In order to complete the application process to obtain a short-stay visa to Italy, you must follow these steps:

  • Try to know where to apply for an Italy visa and the type of Italian visa type you need.
  • Then fill in the application form for an Italian short-stay visa.
  • After that, you collect the required documents for an Italy visa.
  • Appoint a visa interview with the Italian Embassy/Consulate or a visa application center in your country of residence.
  • Attend the interview after which you will wait for the processing of your Italian Schengen visa.

Where can I Apply for Italian Short Term Visa

In the world the Italian regulated visa submission are  different center in every country. Thus, you may have to apply at one of the following Italy diplomatic bodies in your country of residence:

  • An Italian consulate
  • A Visa Application Center to which Italy has outsourced visa submission
  • The Italian Embassy
  • The Embassy / Consulate of another Schengen country to which Italy has outsourced visa submission

then after that if you meet all the requirement then, your visa will be ready for you.


Hope you find this article helpful, thanks for reading…


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