VoIP Apps For Free Calling on Mac – Make Free Calls on Mac

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VoIP Apps For Free Calling on Mac – Make Free Calls on Mac

In case you use a Mac, there are numerous VoIP services and software program available that will let you make less expensive VoIP cellphone calls on Mac. Just for the reason that windows is extra spread, the provider of Volp offer softphones which are firstly home windows-well matched and it’s far quite difficult to locate. VoIP Apps For Free Calling on Mac

VoIP Apps For Free Calling on Mac – Make Free Calls on Mac

Spend Less to Set up VolP software for Voice call


This remains a very nice and simple app for video calling on Mac machines. It is exclusive to Mac and does what is expected of it, and well. It is not free and sells on the Apple App Market for one dollar. It is good for quality and crisp HD voice and video communication.


Formally known as Wengophone. It is a strong and free VoIP client application that offers what Skype offers plus SIP compatibility. That is, you can make free voice and video calls to other people using QuteCom, and make cheap calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide. You can also send SMS. You can configure your QuteCom client to work with any SIP-compatible VoIP service so that you can use the application as a phone with the service.


Here, VoIP client comes free with your Mac operating system (OS), which means you already have it on your machine. The application is clean and slick, and it allows great video-conferencing features with up to 4 people talking at the same time. However, it suffers from not being able to make calls to landline and mobile phones — you can only talk to people on their Macs.


Here, VoIP softphone that works with an Asterisk PBX, so it might not be a choice for many of you out there. But if you have an Asterisk IAX account, it comes very handy, with some interesting features. IT IS Really for Mac.


Skype is the most popular VoIP service and it offers a VoIP softphone client for its more than half a billion users to install on their computer. You get to call your Skype buddies for free. You can make voice calls and video calls and conferences. You pay low rates for calls to landline and mobile phones. Skype has been improving its VoIP client for Mac, but one thing puts it behind the Windows version — it is not free, though cheap.

Google Hangouts

this app integrates well into your Mac and is specifically of help to those who make use Gmail and the other services of Google.


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