Wealth of Nations Mission Statement – Aims and Objectives

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Wealth of Nations Mission Statement – Wealth of Nations (WON) is a community of passionate world changers who believe everyone deserve a chance to succeed irrespective of their background, class and status.Wealth of Nations

As a social enterprise, our mission is to focus on four key outcomes (Startups, Collaborations, Expansions and Investments) to help individuals break free from poverty, through a proven approach.


To help individuals of all class create streams of financial flow through creation of businesses, collaborations and involvement on well secured investments in the present that will help secure their future and that of their unborn generation.

MISSION STATEMENT: We are working to give individuals the tools to grow-up with their business, get involved in team business where necessary and utilize secured investment opportunity to break free from poverty,

And when we say ‘’WE’’ we mean you too after all we can only accomplish our goal if we do them together, we believe that all change starts with ‘’ONE’’ person.

And we are bringing together movement of people who make a real difference in the world and we call that the power of (every) ONE.

1. Poverty reduction program for individuals living in extreme poverty state
2. Multiple source of income for those with only one source
3. Helps undergraduates see the future and prepare for such.
4. Create a knowledge base to complement the already existing education system, this is done in collaboration with other institutions who has this as her projects
5. Create opportunity for individuals who are equipped knowledge wise to gain access to business loans and grant; this will enable them utilized what they have learnt.
6. Create opportunity for individuals to be involved in secured investments.

As part of its strategies, we undertake the following activities;

  • We run and operate business training and human capital development programme/ academy for building, modeling, mentoring, training, nurturing and developing the leadership potentials and manpower reservoir of nations.
  • Our strategies also include the use of symposia, seminars, workshops, practice and interactive sessions as means of education, sensitization, motivation, empowerment and inspiration to people.
  • We conduct online and offline practical and theory school section for all classes of people to help drive the whole system home.

Wealth of Nations Mission Statement – DREAM
We dream of a new world where every person takes responsibility for his personal success; a world where team work will be the order of the day so that we can value unity in our diversity;

a world where businesses will businesses will dramatically expand and entrepreneurs will have a smooth landing for their hard work; a world where people will take the risk to carry out a secured investment;

a world where hunger will no longer be the order of the day and crimes will be forgotten; a world where young adults can see their future and know what to do to get there. Download app via wealth-ofnations.com/won.apk

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