Wealth of Nations Summary – How to Register for WON Summit – Details

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Wealth of Nations Summary – Wealth of Nations (WON) is a community of passionate world changers who believe everyone deserve a chance to succeed irrespective of their background, class and status.

Wealth of Nations Summary

Their mission is to help individuals of all class create streams of financial flow through creation of businesses, collaborations and involvement on well secured investments in the present that will help secure their future and that of their unborn generation.

Wealth of Nations

Aims and Objective include;
1. Poverty reduction program for individuals living in extreme poverty state
2. Multiple source of income for those with only one source
3. Helps undergraduates see the future and prepare for such.
4. Create a knowledge base to complement the already existing education system, this is done in collaboration with other institutions who has this as her projects
5. Create opportunity for individuals who are equipped knowledge wise to gain access to business loans and grant; this will enable them utilized what they have learnt.
6. Create opportunity for individuals to be involved in secured investments.

Wealth of Nations Summary – How to Register for WON Summit – Details

Fundamental Features of WON

As a social enterprise, our mission is to focus on four key outcomes which include:

  1. Startups
  2. Collaborations
  3. Secured Investment Opportunity
  4. Grants and Loans

All these above is to help individuals break free from poverty, through a proven approach.

How to Register for WON Online

To register for WON online is not difficult all you need do is to follow the steps below:

Download WON app via wealth-ofnations.com/won.apk

Click on Registration

  • Then fill the necessary information which contains your correct personal details like: Surname, First name, Gender, Select Coordinator, State, City,Country, Home Address, Email, and Phone Number. Once you are done filling the form click on SUBMIT
  • Once you click SUBMIT it will take you to MAKE PAYMENT PAGE
  • Under PAYMENT,
  • It takes you to the payment gate way PAYSTACK.COM there it will display a page like this
  • fill out the form
  • Click PAY NOW put your card details
  • Finally, make the payment and a mail will be sent to your email and its done.

Note: Make sure your print out your payment confirmation slip via your mail come along with the slip as it will be required as access to the hall on the day of submit.

Again, always check your mail cause the Date,Venue and Time for the submit will be sent across to you.

Important: The submit venue will always be in your state / country of resident

For more details CONTACT US using the comment box.

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