What is the Meaning of Credit Card Minimum Payment

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What is the Meaning of Credit Card Minimum Payment

Once you begin to make utilize credit cards, you should by all means get to know the essentials of the minimum payment.Credit Card Minimum Payment

Note that your credit card terms necessitate you to pay at least the minimum payment by the due date monthly which is the lowest amount you can pay on your credit card to keep you away from penalties.

Calculation of Minimum Payment

Minimum payments are normally calculated as percentage of your outstanding balance. Meaning the greater your credit card balance, the greater your minimum payment will be. Here, minimum payment must be paid by the payment due date.

Your credit card issuer will offer you some options to make your payment by mail, online, or other the phone. Do not hesitate to give yourself quality time for the payment.

When you Pay More Than the Minimum

One can pay more than the minimum. It is good best to pay your balance in full to prevent paying interest on your credit card balance and stay out of credit card debt.

Paying only the minimum on your credit card is the most expensive way to pay off your credit card balance. It requires the longest and you’ll pay more interest by the time you finish repaying your balance.

Actually, if you’re making the minimum payment yet continuing to make purchases each month, your balance will rise instead of reducing. that means you will be incurring depth.

Once I Miss My Minimum Payment – What Occurs

Late fee is charged by the credit card issuer when you miss the monthly minimum payment or pay less than the minimum, it can also lead to your forfeiting promotional interest rate you have on your balance.  Here, your credit card issuer may raise your interest rate to the penalty rate i.e when you miss two minimum payments in a row.

If your minimum payment is more than 30 days old, the credit card issuer will report the late payment to the credit bureaus. This delay payment will go on your credit report and remain for 7years. As a result, your credit score might also be impacted, practically in the first few months after the late payment is summed.

The previous missed payments will increase the current minimum payment due. Not only will you be required to make the current and missed minimum payments, a late fee will also be added to the amount you need to pay to get your account back in good standing. It is difficult to reach up on your payments cause the minimum payment rises with each missed payment.

What to do if you Cant afford more than the minimum

Paying the minimum is better than racking up late fees. Due to it, late payments can spoil your credit score, paying at least the minimum is extremely good.

Thus, do not do it forever. If your debt totals more than half your annual income, you can’t pay it off within five years, and it’s a source of major stress in your life, you might want to consider bankruptcy.

Contact a bankruptcy attorney to learn more about your options.

But if you can find a way to pay more than the minimum, Always learn how to deal with your depths.


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