Why you should eat more egg

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Why you should eat more egg

It’s important to eat egg because, Egg: is a essential  source of protein which contain some needed nutrients  for the body building up.

As human we need more egg because,  it heps to resist the body against  diseases keeps our  body freshen  and also help repair  won out tissues when damaged.

There are some nutrients  that egg we take in contain of which we don’t know about it like the nutrient called cholin.;

cholin is used to anabolize the cell membranes, and this element is grouped under Vitamin (B) 

Eating of egg also include Cholesterol  of about 212mg which is half of the needed daily intake 300mg in our body Come to think of it what is Cholesterol

It is a waxy stuctured substance found in your blood, it is good in low quantity for building of healthy cells but very dangerous  when it increases  in you blood.

 It is true egg contain cholesterol but that shouldn’t  put fear in you to stop eating your edible egg.

The liver which is the organ of the body produce cholesterol  every single day,; but when your consume food  which contain cholesterol the level of cholesterol in the body won’t increase.

If the body takes in food that contain cholesterol the liver stops producing it but reduce it’s level.

Eggs also contain some essential vitamins such as: vitamin A,Vitamin B, and other essential once like vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium and zinc.etc. 

Hope this was helpful?

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