Yahoo Search Engine – Yahoo Watchlists, How to Access and Use Yahoo Watchlists

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Yahoo Search Engine – Yahoo Watchlists, How to Access and Use Yahoo Watchlists

Yahoo mail is an email service provider that was created with diverse product.

Yahoo Search Engine

The internet service provider was created and owned by Yahoo.

 The diverse products consist of the following from finance, leisure, news and other products and services these are made for users to benefit from.

Yahoo mail as an email service and an online service provider lunched in the year 1994 Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”

Yahoo was created by two electrical engineering Ph.D. students at Stanford University, David Filo and Jerry Yang.

The main name for what is now recognize as the Yahoo search engine was “David’s and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web.”

 They now noticed they needed a name that will be easy to pronounce and remember, Filo and Yang and they went for “yahoo” .

Yahoo has over millions of users. The aim of this topic today is to get you understand how to login your yahoo mail box.

Having known a little about yahoo we are now going to our main discussion for today which is on Yahoo Search Engine.

Yahoo Search Engine

If you are trying to find something kind of information online, you can really search on yahoo search engine.

You can make use of the yahoo website to search for news and also get updates of what is happening across the globe.

The platform can also be used to disseminate information to friends online in order to access the yahoo search engine website via

Or you can just make use of the yahoo search engine app that will make everything very easy and also simple. If you want to know how to get this app then you should continue reading this article.

How Yahoo Search Engine Works

The function of yahoo search engine is to help you perform a Basic Keyword Search online.

All you have to do is Visit the “Yahoo” search engine as said earlier and then,

enter in the search terms into the “Search” box for that related to the content and data you want to find.

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Yahoo Account

Now if you want to create a yahoo account and you need some steps on how to do so, just follow all the steps that are displayed below:

  • Visit and click the “sign-in” mail icon at the top of the page.
  • After that, the next step to take is to click “create account”.
  • You must now fill in details about you as stated on the page.
  • Once you have filled in the details then verify your account.
  • After verification you will now see a congratulation box displayed, just click “Continue” and you will successfully access your yahoo new account.

Once all these steps are followed correctly then you will successfully have a yahoo account.

Yahoo Mail Sign In

If you want to access your yahoo account then follow the steps below:

  • To access your yahoo account, go to or open the yahoo app and click the “sign-in” mail icon.
  • Once you have clicked it enter your yahoo details, which are; email and password.
  • Finally, once you have done that, click “sign-in” or “login”.

Yahoo Watchlist

Yahoo provided the yahoo watchlist as a based extension which enable users search for news, companies and more.

One of the function of the watchlist, is to aid you  follow companies and discover and track stocks.

Yahoo watchlist is more like a watchtower for you to follow.

The yahoo watchlist also keeps you update about various companies and their stocks.

Guide to Access and Use Yahoo Watchlists

At this juncture, learn how you can access and use yahoo watchlist online.

First of all, you need to charge and boot the device you got.

  • Open your the search bar of the browser simply type in the URL and search.
  • Find and click on finance right under the search bar.
  • On the new web page simply locate and click on the watchlist icon by the top left hand side of the screen.

Note: it is not necessary to have a yahoo mail account for you to be able to access and use yahoo watchlists.

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