Yahoo Watchlist – Step to Access and Use Yahoo Watchlists, Yahoo Portfolio

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Yahoo Watchlist – Step to Access and Use Yahoo Watchlists, Yahoo Portfolio

Yahoo is an American web services provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California,

Yahoo Watchlist

Yahoo was originally founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 2, 1995.

Yahoo mail is an email service provider that created with diverse product. The internet service provider is owned by Verizon Media. .

The diverse products consist of the following from finance, leisure, news and other products and services these are made for users to benefit from.

Having known a little about yahoo we are now going to our main discussion for today which is on Yahoo watchlist.

What is Yahoo Watchlist?

Yahoo provided the yahoo watchlist as a based extension which enable users search for news, companies and more.

One of the function of the watchlist, is to aid you  follow companies and discover and track stocks.

The yahoo watchlist also keeps you update about various companies and their stocks.

Requirement to Access the Watchlist

To gain easy access to the yahoo watchlist you are to have the following; A desktop or palmtop, make available internet data connection.

Once you have that requirement, you can now proceed accessing yahoo watchlists.

How to Access and Use Yahoo Watchlists

At this juncture, learn how you can access and use yahoo watchlist online.

First of all, you need to charge and boot the device you got.

  • When you are sure that there is an active data connection then locate your device browser and open it. On the search bar of the browser simply type in the URL and search.
  • Simply locate and click on finance right under the search bar.
  • On the new web page simply locate and click on the watchlist icon by the top left hand side of the screen.

Note: it is not necessary to have a yahoo mail account for you to be able to access and use yahoo watchlists.

Yahoo Watchlist – How do I create a watchlist on Yahoo Finance

yahoo watch-list can be created using a PC or a mobile device. In other to create a watch list on yahoo finance, you’v got to do the following;

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Creating From a desktop browser:

  • Once you are logged in, click on My Portfolio.
  • After which you will click Create Portfolio located on the right,
  • Then, enter a name and select a currency for the new list.
  • If done, click on Submit.

Creating the list from mobile device:

  • Then tap the Menu icon, after that, tap My Portfolio.
  • Then tap any list.
  • On the upper right, tap the More icon.
  • Then, select Create Portfolio and tap  Done.
  • Enter a name and select a currency for the new list and tap Submit.

Yahoo Portfolio

Yahoo Portfolio is an easy and great way to manage your financial investments and stocks online via your device.

To be able to manage your investment online, you can create one or more portfolio to manage your investments each portfolio created stands for different type of investment.

How to Manage Yahoo Portfolio

Here is how you can manage your portfolio

  • Visit and login
  • And then, click the “My Portfolios” tab on the top menu.
  • Click the “New” link to create a new financial portfolio.
  • Afterwards, on the next page choose one of the following :
    • Track a Symbol Watch List,
    • Track Your Transaction History
    • Track Your Current Holdings.mind you that all do not serve the same purpose it all depend on what you want to do if you want to track a company on the stock market, track your investment transaction.
  • Then, fill in the correct details for the portfolio type you’ve selected.
  • Click the “Finished” button to save your portfolio.
  • Once that has been achieved, click the “Download Spreadsheet” link on the My Portfolios tab to download all the data about a particular portfolio you’re managing.
  • Click the Set Alert link under the “My Portfolios” section to set reminders about a particular symbol.
  • Click the “Chart” link to any stock or financial holdings to see the performance or history of that investment. You can even save the chart to your computer by right-clicking the image and selecting Save Image As.

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