Yandex App – How to Download Yandex App, Functions of Yandex – Review

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Yandex App – How to Download Yandex App, Functions of Yandex

This is a Russian multinational corporation that was founded in 26 june 2000 headquartered in Moscow,

Yandex App

Russia focused in internet-related products and services Yandex was founded by Arkady Volozh.

Yandex provide services that include transportation, search, and information, navigation, mobile applications, advertising and eCommerce.

It has an mobile that is compatible with all devices like android and iOS.

You can make use of the app immediate answers on things concerning weather forecast, traffic, breaking news, currency exchange rates, TV Listings, running movies, e.t.c .

Yandex has an inbuilt voice assistant referred to as Alice and can be set as Default on the device.

 It offers weather and traffic information, set wake up alarms and reminders.

search or find any information you want on the internet, also supports small talk conversations.

To set Alice as your default assistant, open your settings and then head on to “Assist and Voice Input”, and tap on “Assist App”. Finally, tap on Yandex.

Areas served includes: Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Estonia

Yandex App

Yandeapp  is provided for your Android phone. Yandex.Store is the app store for Android™ smartphones.

With the use of Yandex Mobile application you can make decisions maybe select song playing from the radio.

Using the app, you can ask or upload a picture get answer to question you seek for.

The Function of Yandex App

The following  can be done with Yandex App

  • With Yandex App you can read on the trending headlines for economics, politics, sports, science, etc.
  • Use the map to check current location
  • You can use your voice and search for anything.
  • The app helps you check out the weather forecast and current traffic in your area.

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  • You can as well, read QR codes with the inbuilt scanner.
  • With the predictive search, you can get answers. In other words, you can pick your answer from the search suggestions.
  • Follow up on events in Russian and other countries.
  • Images or videos follow-ups on how to cook, set a shelve or try out a new thing.
  • Keep up or in touch with your mail.

Yandex – How to Download Yandex App

Since the app can be use via devices, you can download using your mobile app. Here’s a guide on how to download the app;

  • Visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • And then tap on the search box on the store.
  • Afterwards type in Yandex on the search box and hit on search.
  • From the filtered result, tap on the first app displayed at the top of the list to load the information.
  • On the information page, Tap on the green “Download or Install” button.
  • Accept the Permissions need if any on the app to proceed with the download.

Once you are done, you can now the launch the app to start making using it.

Making Use of Several Accounts on Yandex

As a user, you can make use of several accounts, but each one will have its own subscription and recommendation feed settings.

More so, switch between accounts, but they will not sync with each other. Add a new account

  • Click on your account portrait in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Select Add account.
  • Log into a different account or register a new one.

Switch to a different account

  • In the upper-right corner of the page, click on the portrait of your current account.
  • In the menu, click on the account you want to log into.

How to Log out of your account

  • Click on your account portrait in the upper-right corner of the page.
  • Select Log out.

Enjoy your yandex using the provided information above.

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