Youtube Browser – A Complete Guide to Create a Youtube Channel

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Youtube Browser – A Complete Guide to Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube denotes a video sharing service. It is designed for its user to be able to watch, like, comment and as well creates and uploads their own video.

Youtube Browser

As far as you have an internet service and a browse able device you can take advantage of it, as it is not restricted but is, if you do not have YouTube account.

YouTube as an online sharing video platform was created in 2005 and till date is still functional with millions of users around the sphere this was

specifically designed for people to post and share original video content using their youtube account.

YouTube was created in Febuary 2005 by Paypal formal employees named chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim being an American video-sharing platform it has its Head office in San Bruno, California.

The site was later on Novermber 2006 bought by google for US$1.65 billion; currently, the site functions as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Youtube Browser

Having known what youtube is all about, it is quite easy me to relate to you what a browsers is.

When Brower is talked about it entails anything that could help you search for a particular topic weather by questions and proffer solution to your question.

There, you could type anything and get immediate result. A YouTube browser is one that has been designed for you as a user to have access to the  platform.

With Youtube browser, you could search and download video because it provides you with the features of downloading straight from YouTube.

How Can I Know my Youtube Browser?

YouTube Online browsers can easily be dictated by you just  ensure your internet service is on, open your browser then type in the, then search.

If the URL does not work, you can alternatively use the URL

Some popularly known YouTube browsers are browsers like, opera mini, google chrome,

Mozilla Firefox this browers could help you access Youtube if you don’t have the app.

Get the browsers on your device and you can start downloading and streaming directly on YouTube using your mobile device.

Youtube Browser – How to Create a Youtube Account

For you to have access to all that youtube have to offer to its users, you will have to create or sign up for youtube using your gadget.

N/B having a google account already give an opportunity to use youtube features, like watch later,history and as well subscribe to channels. What to do to sign in

  • Turn on your network,
  • Open the youtube app
  • Then, tap the profile picture located at the top right
  • Tap in sign in
  • Finally, tap add account

How do I Sign in YouTube with Gmail?

I will show you below how you can sign in Youtube on Your Mobile device using Gmail to grab the most out of YouTube, sign in to view your best videos, playlists.

To sign into youtube using google account,

  • After signing up for youtube,
  • enter the email and password of your Google account, if you are signing into another google service, it will automatically sign you into youtube.

How to create a YouTube Personal channel

Once you already have a Google account, you can watch, share and comment on YouTube content.

on the other hand, Google accounts don’t miraculously create YouTube channels for you. You will have to create it yourself. To create your channel,

Log into your using a computer or mobile device

  • Try any actions that will need uploading of video, posting a comment or creating a playlist.
  • Once there is no channel yet, an option to create a channel
  • After that, you are to check your Google account  then, confirm to create your new channel

How to Create a Youtube Business Channels

As a youtube user, you can use a brand account to create a channel that has a different name and managed from google account.

Businesses can also have channels. These channels are different from personal channels because they can have more than one owner or manager.

A YouTube member can open a new business channel using a Brand Account.

An individual can control a Brand Account with a different name from his personal Google account

Here is how to you can create a channel with a business name

  • Login to a youtube using any device
  • Go to your channel list
  • Select to create a new channel or you can select an existing brand account. If you want a new one, click create a new channel. To create a youtube channel from the brand you already manage choose the brand account from the list.If you have an already existing account it will just switch you won’t be able to create a new one.
  • Next, you will have to fill in your details to name your new chennal as well verify your account. After that, click done.

How to Switch Between Google Accounts and Business or Personal Account on Youtube

You can manage your personal or youtub channels by switching your google account. This is what to do.

  • Using your device, at the right corner, click on your profile picture.
  • Click switch account
  • Lastly, from the list shown choose the account you want to use with youtube.

Youtube Browser – How Can I View Youtube Channels

All you need to do id choose another member’s name to visit that person’s personal channel.

You’ll be able to see all the member’s videos and anything the user picked as a favorite, as well as anything else they want to share like their favorite channels.

YouTube provides a place to browse through YouTube channels where you can check out popular channels and subscribe to them if you choose to do so.

Your subscriptions are listed whenever you visit YouTube for easy access to your favorite channels.

Find Can I Find my Way Around YouTube

Here, I have made a simple guideline to finding your way all around Youbtube.

As a new user, once you are signed in, do not be confused to what to do next, as most essential features you will see on the app is written and explained below:

Home – The first thing to see once you open YouTube app with either PC or Mobile is the Home  

There, you are to see videos recommended for you.

On that ground your preferences and activity on YouTube will influence your video recommendations for the moment.

Once you’ve already seen a movie, you will see YouTube Mixes. Find the Home feed anytime by tapping it.

 Trending –This Trending tab enables you as a user  know  what’s trending on YouTube.

It shows cases at that period a broad range of videos that are popular.

 There you can scroll through videos or select a specific category

Subscriptions – This aspect displays videos from the channels you might want to subscribe to.

Those channels will also be listed at the top of the page. Tapping the channel artwork will take you to that channel.

 Library – Using the Library tab you can see history, playlists, uploads, and purchases is where you get what you have downloaded

 Settings – Here, tap your profile picture  to access Settings, get help, or send us feedback.

Hope this was helpful. thanks for your time…

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