Facebook Free Mode – Facebook Lite Free Download>>>Download and Login FB Lite

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Facebook Free Mode – Facebook Lite Free Download>>>Download and Install FB Lite

Going by the word free we know is something you can use without paying for Free. Facebook free mode social networks enable  visit and access Facebook for free anytime you want to logon.

Facebook Free Mode

The liter version of facebook was designed for Andriod app with low speed for countries that are still developing whose networks are not always

available with it you can access account and  message friends, as you are making use of the smallest amount of bandwidth possible.

Thus, the app is also designed to target low-cost phones. Which makes  it much smaller and less complex than the full Facebook app.

Facebook Free Mode – How to use the Facebook Free mode

To use the facebook free mode

  • Open your Facebook app or navigate to www.facebook.com.
  • Log in to Facebook when you log in, you would find a button at the top of the page.
  • Click the button to turn on/off the Facebook Free mode.

Facebook Lite

Knowing too well that most mobile phone do not have enough capacity in speed and space which can perform most some activities on facebook,

facebook provided a lighter version for those device with low speed connections called facebook lite.

The app dose not consumes much data. To get the app, you can download it on Google play store.

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Facebook Lite Free Download – How to Install Facebook Lite

For a successful installation of facebook on your phone

  • Turn on the device you want to install the app on and make sure it has an active data connection.
  • Once an active data connection is on the device, launch the device app store and search for “Facebook Lite”.
  • Now tap on the Facebook lite app and you should be taken to the app download page.
  • On the app download page, hit the install button and accept the term and conditions of using the app if prompted.

Facebook Lite App

Facebook Lite app is an official Facebook app that lets you use this popular social network

through a much lighter app that’s better suited for low-power Android devices or ones with limited Internet connections.

This installation is pretty easy and free. If the app on your device is not yet installed you would have to install it yourself.

 Follow the steps below to manually install the Facebook App on your device.

  • Turn on your device and locate where the installation file is.
  • Tap on the installation file and you should be taken to your device installer screen.
  • On your device installer screen, tap yes or install.

Without wasting time your app will be installed

Facebook Lite Login

To log in facebook lite,

  • Launch the Facebook app on your device after you have connected your device to the internet.
  • On the welcome screen, enter your account login details and hit the login button.

Download Facebook videos Using Windows laptop or Mac, using a website

So many sites can aid your vidio download from Facebook, with fbdown.net you can download it see what to do

  • Right-click on the Facebook video you want to download and choose Copy video URL
  • Then go to fbdown.net
  • After that, with the onscreen instruction paste the link where it ought to and click Download.
  • On the next page, choose between normal (SD) or HD quality
  • Finally, click the video and choose the option to save the video on your computer


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