Facebook Heart Reaction – How to React to heart on Facebook

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Facebook Heart Emoji –How to React to heart on Facebook

Once you are bored and you look for a platform that you could carry out a lot of online activities, make sells if you have a product or a content, chat, reach out to new friends, react to chats using FB emoji and more Facebook is a sure way to get that done.

Facebook Heart

As a popular social media network, being a user, one of the feature you can also reach out on the platform is the Facebook hearts. Thus, with the Facebook hearts feature you can show your interest in posts, status update, pictures just mention it. This is a free feature to use on Facebook; you can use this to show a reaction to your friends on Facebook when logged in.

This feature can be seen as an aspect of Facebook care reaction, this expresses a heart on a picture. where by a person to whom you reacted to will be notified regarding your actions the heart is also an aspect of the emoji symbol on Facebook the are all in one class.

To make use of any Facebook feature without some kind of restriction there is always a need to register, access, and also manage your Facebook account just by yourself.

You will at the end of this post get to know the following, how to create a new Facebook account, create a new gmail account, how you can react to the heart emoji on Facebook and a little touch on Facebook restricted list and how you can hind your friends on Facebook.

Create New Google Account Online

this is how you can create a new gmail account online for your Facebook account opening

  • On your device, visit gmail.com using your preferred browser
  • Find the Create an account button and make a click on it.
  • Fill in your personal data that you want Google to recognize you as in the form you will see.
  • Now click on next, you will be asked to fill in your mobile number.
  • Next, Google sends a code, which you will fill the code on the required field on that same page.
  • Finally, click create my account icon located at the bottom of the page.

with that you have created an account via gmail!!!

How to Create a Facebook Account

Having known how to create a gmail mail account using you can now make use your new email address to generate on Facebook….

  • On your device navigate to facebook.com using your web browser.
  • There on the new page, fill the form you see, but if you do not see a form click the signup button at the bottom of the page and also fill the form. But in the place of mobile number fill in your google account address.
  • Now verify your Google account and follow the necessary steps to complete your setup.

How to Create Facebook Account Using Phone Number

Registering for a new facebook account is pretty simple kindly follow the step below;

  • Visit facebook.com on your chrome browser.
  • Find and clink on the link to create your account.
  • Enter your name, phone number, password, gender and date of birth, then, click on the signup button to proceed.
  • The next step is verification you will be sent a confirmation code through the phone number you filled on the last page.
  • Enter the code on the confirmation box and finish the process.

How to React to heart on Facebook;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Look for the post or picture you want to react to.
  • Now long hold the post or picture and a new menu will appear.
  • From the menu select the heart.

Guideline to get Vibrating Heart Reaction on Messenger

Follow the steps below to get the vibrating heart reaction on messenger?

  • Go to messenger, tap on and hold down the message you want to react
  • Then, tap and hold heart emoji
  • There, you will be asked to change the original heart to vibrating heart
  • Tap “Use Updated Heart“
  • Then, react to your family and friend’s message with a new vibrating heart

Facebook Restricted List – How to Add Friend to your List

Adding someone to your list, does not restrict them from being your friends on the platform but it restrict them from seeing the things you post on your timeline.

Till, you decide to make them public. with the simple guide below, you can add someone to the list:

  • Visit the Friends profile
  • Then to “Friends” at the top of the profile or tap on the “Friends” icon beneath the profile picture.
  • Select “Add to another list” or “Edit Friend Lists”.
  • Finally, select “Restricted”.

How to see someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook with Social Revealer

To achieve this, you will require a Computer with Google Chrome installed on it. To begin;

  • Open Google Chrome web store and install “Social revealer”.
  • Then, pen Facebook at www.facebook.com once the installation is done and login
  • Go to the profile of the person’s friend you want to see.
  • Open the “Social revealer” extension and find “See Friends”. Click on it.
  • A new tab would be opened with a list of all the Facebook user’s Facebook friends.

That is all you need to get it done.

How to view Someone’s Hidden Friends On Facebook without Social Revealer

To view someone’s hidden friends on Facebook without social revealer,

  • Log in to Facebook and open the profile page of the person’s friend you want to see.
  • Open any image or post made by the person. After opening the post or image, find “fbid=” copy the number after it but stop before the “&” character.
  • Make open a new tab and paste “https://www.facebook.com/search/100034868239441/friends” edit the number between “Search/……/friends” to the one you copied before.
  • Hit “enter” to search and a list of the entire person’s friend would be shown.


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