Green Dot Card – Online Activation Process of Green Dot Card

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Green Dot Card – Online Activation Process

In this piece of write up, we will be talking about how you can activate you Green Dot Card, the basic requirement for green dot card activation via online, phone and ATM.


As a user of the Green Dot Card here are the benefits they include:

  1.  Purchase online option,
  2. Safe and secure payment transaction,
  3. Cash back and Rewards,
  4. Free credit points.

Activation Of Green Card Dot

  1. Activation of Card Online
  2. Activation of Card via your Phone Number
  3. Activation of via ATM at overseas

Basic Requirement

  1. Your Green Dot Credit Card.
  2. Your 16-digit number which is shown on the card.
  3. Your CVV code number which is at the backside on your Credit Card.
  4. A registered mobile number which is linked to your Card bank account.

Activation of Credit Card Online

  1. Visit the official site, click here.
  2. Click on REGISTER CARD
  3. Enter the 16- digit your Credit card number which is shown on the card.
  4. Enter your your Card expiry date and CVV code which is shown on the back of the Card.
  5. Enter the 4-digit PIN number of your Credit Card if required,
  6. Enter the last 4-digit of the customer’s social security number.

After you have provided all your information required from you, the bank will notify you that your Card has been successfully activated.

If you have any issue during the online process activation of your Card then you can contact the Bank or you can choose any of the other method to activate your CARD.

Activation of Credit Card via Phone Number

  1. Dial 1-866-795-7605 for Activate the Card.
  2. When the phone is connected, choose the language of your preference and listen carefully to which instruction is given by the instructor.
  3. Provide your Details needed for verification purpose.
  4. Follow the instruction provided by the instructor carefully

After that, the bank will send you an SMS to your registered mobile number for successful activation.

  If you have any issues when activating your Credit Card at that time, then you can contact the bank.

Activation of Green Dot Credit Card via ATM’s Center

  1. Visit nearest areas ATM center.
  2. Insert your Credit Card.
  3. Enter your PIN number.
  4. Click on CARD ACTIVATION.
  5. Enter the required details and finished the task as given on the screen.

After all this is done correctly, the bank will notify you that your Card has been successfully activated.

If you have any issues at the ATM’s center when activating your Credit Card then you can contact the bank to resolve this problem.


Do not share your details like your username and password with anyone when you receive your CARD and do not save your details on other website.

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