Link Instagram Account to Facebook Page – How to Link Instagram to FB, Instagram Login

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Link Instagram Account to Facebook Page – How to Link Instagram Account to Facebook

Once you have linked in your Instagram and your Facebook account, login in should be the next thought that would run through your mind.


You can very well, link your instagram to your facebook profile this is to help less the stress of sharing the same content on different platform.

Here, a Facebook and Instagram accounts user can link them together via easy means. Get to launch the Instagram app directly from your Facebook using the guide below.

How to Create Instagram Account

To make this happen, there is a need to have the both account created if you are yet to do so.

If you have not created an instagram account, you can do that using the procedure below;

  • Open the URL on your web browser or download the app from your mobile app store and open the app.
  • Then click or tap on Sign Up.
  • Click or tap on the Sign Up below else you can Log in with Facebook.
  • Input your mobile number or email.
  • Also, input your username.
  • Input a strong and we’ll combined password to secure your account and click on Sign Up.
  • You might be required to verify using the code sent to your mobile number or email provided type in the code and click on continue.
  • Your account will be opened and your profile will be displayed from which you can edit some additional information about yourself.

Link Instagram Account to Facebook Page

Once the account has been created both for facebook and instagram, you can now link them both via this simple guide beneath;

  • Visit and login in using your login details after that, go to your profile via the three grid icon if seen click on it.
  • Thereafter, click on the setting and also click on Account.
  • Then, click on Facebook.
  • You will be required to fill in your Facebook login details.

Once the instruction is followed correctly, then your account will be linked

Sign In to Instagram Through Facebook

There are some sign in feature that instagram have that will automatically save you time and stress you can access your account via Google account or your Facebook account.

If you already have an account you do not need to follow these process because it will register you authomatically using  the details from the login method you choosed.

The guide below will help you login instagram through facebook:

  • Open your Instagram app or go to the web on your web browser.
  • If you are not yet registered you will see login, sign up, log in with Google, and log in with Facebook.
  • Click or tap on the sign up with Facebook.
  • It will require you to “Authorize app”. This means allowing Instagram to collect information from your Facebook.
  • Click on yes I agree or continue.
  • Your Instagram account will be created and your profile page will appear on your screen.

Sharing Of Post to Facebook from Instagram

to share post from your instagram to facebook, using the detailed instruction below

  • Visit and click on your profile from which your Instagram posts will be displayed.
  • After that, select the posts you want to share and click on the “three-dotted icon” at the top of the post.
  • Select share to Facebook from the options displayed and then, click or tap on share.

for instant sharing of post, use;

  • Visit and click or tap on the add a post icon (addition sign) on the middle bottom of your mobile device or your desktop screen at the bottom page.
  • Select the image you want to post. You can add some written notes and locations if you want.
  • Beneath, there is a displayed checkbox tagged “post to Facebook”. Click or tap on it.
  • Your image will be posted to both your Instagram and your Facebook account.

those procedures can be used for computer and mobile device.

Hope this was Helpful?

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