Ollo Credit Card Login Online – How to Apply for Ollo MasterCard

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Ollo Credit Card Login Online – How to Apply for Ollo MasterCard

Ollo credit card is one issued by Friendship Bancshares Inc the card made for users that require an unsecured card which demands  a fair credit score.

Ollo Credit Card Login

These should be a good try for those of you need this card. But it is a card for only those actually invited by Ollo. The card is categorized into Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo Rewards Credit Card.

The ollo platinum Mastercard is one that is made particularly for those with a poor credit score of 580, as you enjoy your card you will not have to pay much.  The card requires no annual fee, requests no foreign and provides your FICO score online, without you being charged for it.  

Ollo reward Credit Card  this is meant for users who need to get cashback rewards and  does not have a good credit score. Thus, the reward which you may get as you continue using your card wisely has no limitations. here, the rewards offered to customers do not expire provided your account remains open it.

Ollo Credit Card Login – Attributes of Ollo MasterCard

  • As a user of the credit card you experience an automatic increment in your credit line if qualified.
  • The card have unsteady purchase APR of 24.99%.
  • As a Ollo cardholder, your FICO score will be easily accessible to online without you paying for it.
  • To be in possession of this card you are required to have a credit score of 580 to 700.
  • You cannot be charged unnecessarily as you use this card.
  • There is an unsecured card.
  • Additionally, this credit card offers a high-interest rate (up to 24.99%).
  • Above all, it can be used where a credit card is recognized.
  • The card offers no fraud liability.

How to Apply for Ollo credit Card Online    

  • Visit the home page of Ollo card
  • Click on the Respond to an Offer button located on the right.
  • Following the page, there is a  reservation number and an access code.
  •  Click on Submit one you are done, supply  your correct information, you will be able to apply for the Ollo credit card on the page.
  • Once you are done, wait for Ollo’s responds.
    see the other method of application to get the card The is a service which permits you to verify your Ollo credit card invitation and get a card of your choice. Applying for this card using this method, visit this website then, use wisely the instruction given to you in applying for an Ollo card of your choice.

Ollo card online Login

register for an Ollo card online account which enables customers to make a payment, see their reward and credit card balance.

  • Visit the homepage of this credit to access its online banking form, supply in the specified field your username and your password.
  • click on the box next to Remember Me to save their username for next time.
    If you have successfully completed the form, just click on the “Sign In” button.
    You will have access to your online account if, your details were correctly submitted.

How to Pay Your Credit Card Bills with Ollo

User can make credit card payment via the phone by dialing 1-877-494-0020 then follow the instruction and get it done.
alternatively, those who wish to can mail their card payment. To pay your card bills using this method, just mail it to this address:
Ollo Card Services
P.O. Box 660371
Dallas, TX 75266-0371.

To do online mode of payment you just have to first register on for online access. Then, use the guide above to visit your online account, and pay your card bills.

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