Scottrade Login to Access Brokerage Products And Services

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Scottrade Login to Access Brokerage Products And Services

Scottrade is a leading brokerage firm in the US, it is also known for offering of retail discount in various product and services in the United State. It has its credit lots of branches scattered across the United State.


Scottrade Login

To login your account, visit the official webpage at and complete your login.

When you get to the page, look out on the right corner of your screen to for the secure login box where you can enter your account details.

You will be required to enter both your ACCOUNT NUMBER and PASSWORD to your account in the space provided be sure to enter the correctly.

Click on the login button after you must have entered your details correctly. You will be redirected to your Scottrade account homepage.

The default login box is usually placed as your homepage. You can choose to change it if you wish. The SECURE LOGIN box has the drop down menu in the selection list.

  • The essence of the secure login is to help resolve issues like a wrong account number or password.

Guideline to Reset Password

If you have forgotten your password due to any problem, you need not worry because you can get another password by following the guidelines below:

Visit the portal, click on FORGOT PASSWORD. Scottrade login will demand you to enter the valid email attached to this account and your account number, enter the details correctly.

Click the continue button you will receive an email that has the information that will help you resolve the issue of your password. Follow the link provided, it will lead you to the password recover and reset page.

The information that will be sent to your email may stay up to 5 minutes before coming, so please remain patient. When it comes, click continue to proceed.

If you can access the original email attached to the account, it is better for you to contact any of the center close to you to reset your password and account information update.

How to Log Out in your Scottrade account

In order to log out the scottrade account, the process is simple and easy. Just look out for the log out button and click on it.

You can be logged out from your scottrade account by default each time you leave your account idle for about 30 minutes.

Sign up or open a Scottrade Account

In order to sign in or open a scottrade account, a brokerage app is needed because it helps you complete your new account.

 There are lots of options you can use when creating your Scottrade brokerage account

  1. Those with scottrade office near them can visit the nearest office.
  2.  You can choose to mail your application of fax it.
  3.  You can choose the online sign-up option.

If you have gotten the application, you can then get the account number which has your new account.

You are free to contact Scottrade to know your account status.

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