Zepeto app download – How to Download Zepeto on Device Full Details

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Zepeto app download – How to Download Zepeto on Device full Details

Zepeto is an app that enable you create a 3D animated version of yourself to use in chatrooms. There, you take a picture of yourself and it’ll create a personalised character for you.


 You can ‘meet’ other Zepeto characters on the ‘street’, play games and take pictures in photo booths with your friends’ Zepeto characters.

Zepeto is just like a social media that let users make use of the 3D avatars to communicate.

The platform has users from all over the to access the platform you will need to register,with that, you can then explore a limitless variety of maps right from a virtual classroom to an imaginary world.

Right on the platform, you can decide to hang out and bring the party online, make and also invite new friends on the app.

How to Download Zepeto on Device via iOS

To get the Zepeto app, you can access it via the app store and download it on your android or iOS device.

below is how you can download zepeto on iOS

  • On your device, make open the apple app store
  • Then tap on the search bar of the app store to type in the search term “Zepeto”.
  • Tap on the official app this will take you to the app download page.
  • Finally, tap on the “Get” button to begin the download process of the app. That’s it…

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Downloading Zepeto on Android

Using your android device, you can download the zepeto app with no stress involved all you need here is internet connection and you are good to download the app.

  • Then, tap on the search bar of the app store and enter the search term “Zepeto”, then hit the search bar or button.
  • Next, tap on the official app from your search result and you would be taken to the app download page.
  • Then, tap on the “Install” button on the app download page and follow the onscreen prompts.

with that above, you will successfully download the app on your device.

How to Make Use of Zepeto App?

If you are new and just getting started with zepeto, you can use this guideline below to find your way around the app..

On your device, open the app and then, select if you want to create an avatar yourself or you want to use your picture or choose from an existing photo on your device.Immediately your avatar is created, you would need to set up your profile. You need to set things like your username.

Buy a couple of clothes and try them on, play Zepeto mini-games to get Zepeto coins, Visit the virtual world to find new friends.

Make photos and videos for your timeline to generate followers, link your other social media profiles for other users can contact you.

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