Brandsmart Credit Card Login – How to Apply for Brandsmart credit card

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Brandsmart Credit Card Login – How to Apply for Brandsmart credit card – see Requirement

BrandsMart credit card remains an excellent store card which enables customers build up and as well, renovates user low credit.

Brandsmart Credit Card Login

Here, this write up is all about its login and how to apply and get it done at ease. The card login, gives you a complete access to your account that is to say, you can decide to manage your account and perform the necessary transactions right under your nose.

As a  result, BrandsMart Card allow you to  pay bill online with your card, get access to special discounts on all purchases at the BrandsMart store in the US.

Still provide customers with a 1% discount on all in-store purchases. As a user, you can save on interest and annual fees while getting the best value in all the appliance they wish.

This card is issued by the Synchrony Bank and it is well serviced  by the GE Capital Retail Bank  It is a good card for low earners, it can be used at BrandsMart stores, and demands a low credit score.

Basic Features of the BrandsMart Credit Card

  • The card has no introductory APR.
  • There is a purchase APR 29.99%.
  • BrandsMart Credit Card does not have cash advance fees and cash advance APR.
  • An annual fee is not charged on this card
  • Preferred customer specials.
  • It has a high rate of approvals and is a good low earners
  • Has no interest financing.

You can consider the regular credit card using the application guideline below

What is Required for Brandsmart Application

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • A resident in the U.S.A
  • Obtain a valid US Social Security Number.

How to Apply for Brandsmart credit card via Online

Once you have met with the requirement for the application, then, you are eligible for application. All you need do is

  • Visit the homepage via this link
  • If there, click on “ REGISTER FOR ONLINE ACCESS ” located at the beneath the screen.
  • Still on the the Brandsmart application page, if you are there, supply all your personal details follow the on screen command and finish registration process
  • Thereafter, click on “Continue” button seen at the end of the application form to complete the application process.

How to Activate Your Card

Once you are through with the application and you are successfully approves, what comes to your mind is how do I activate this my card? That is the most important question because a card without activation is like no card.

To do this you can place a call to customer service. If you are not yet registered, you are to register your credit card online by clicking the “Register” link under the login space.

If logged in, supply your information below in the specified field and confirm the registration by clicking on “Next”.

How to Login Brandsmart Card

  • Visit the page
  • Locate  the “user Login” section on the page
  • Then, input your username and password in the specified fields.
  • Once is done, click on “sign in”. If your Brandsmart login details are correct you can now access your account.

 How to Reset Lost username

  • Use the “Login Help” menu and click on “Forgot Username.”
  • On the next page, input your details below and click on “Continue” to get your username. Account number, Date of Birth, Social security number.

How to Recover your Password.

  • On the page, click on the” Forgot password” from the help menu, to recover my account password.
  • Then supply information and check your identity, then click on “Continue”.

Guide to Make Payment

  • Sign in to your account.
  • On YOUR dashboard, locate the “Make Payment” option,
  •  Click on it, to go to the next page and to find the payment option at the bottom of the Brandsmart credit card payment page,

Customer Service Information;

Mailing Address: P.O Box 960061 Orlando, FL, United States.

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