Facebook Advertisement – Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising 2020

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Facebook Advertisement – Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising 2020

Talking about online adverts, Facebook Ads are the most recognized adverts and mostly used by online marketers online for business promotion.


but not everyone knows how to create and run ads on Facebook on finishing this write up, you will know how to set up Facebook ads at ease.

Facebook advertising is an important way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. You can have access to the platform by creating an account and setting up Fb ads.

Facebook Advertisement – Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have different types and below I will be listing some;

  • Image Ads: If you just started with Facebook Ads this is the best to begin with you can create one with a single click on “Boost an existing post” from your page.
  • Carousel Ads: with Carousel, you use up to 10 video clips or images to showcase the product or service that you’re advertising.
  • Video Ads: These ads can appear in the News Feed and also Stories. They show your team or product in action.
  • Video Poll Ads: Facebook Video poll ads is a mobile-only type of ad. It is actually new, but it sure increases brand awareness more than most ads format.
  • Collection Ads: this are only meant for mobile devices. It allows you to showcase five of your products that the audience can click.
  • Slideshow Ads: this type offers an easy way to make short videos from a collection of texts, photos, or even video clips.
  • Dynamic Ads: Dynamic ads allow you to promote targeted products to the audience that are most likely to be interested.

There are many other ads that you can use on the platform for creating your Advert.

How to Set Facebook Ads

The guides below is how to start creating your ad on Facebook

  • Set your business account or ads manager account.
  • Determine the objective of the ad type you want to run. Set a name for the ad.
  • Determine customers or audiences that you want to target and select the format you want to use.
  • Choose your targeting, in order words, the places you want the ad to reach.
  • Determine your budget and make a schedule.

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  • Design the ads and publish the advert.

You can now track and measure results using the Facebook pixel…

Facebook Ads Manager Application

Facebook Ads Manager App is an app that enables marketers to track previous ads campaign or better still, create a new one.

With the use of the app you are offered as an advertiser on FB the liberty to manage ads almost from everywhere without logging in to their Face book page.

Facebook Messenger ads give you access to the billions of people who use Messenger on monthly bases.

The Ads Manager app, gives you access to the following;

  • The app help you make use of the real-time results to optimize deactivate or edit ads even after have been published and made live.
  • With it you can see in-depth analytics which help you to know how the ads are performing.
  • Learn more skills on how to improve all your ads by using split testing, weekly summaries, and notifications.
  • You can create and then publish ad images with shapes, texts, filters, stickers, templates and many more.
  • Help your ad campaigns to get to the potential clients or audience with their detailed targeting options.

The app can be used in all devices and can be gotten for free via app store.

Hope this was Helpful?

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